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Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim had his say on Radamel Falcao‘s decision to leave France as he joined Premier League two seasons ago.

“Falcao’s problem wasn’t only his knee injury but also that he left to go and play elsewhere for two seasons, in Manchester and then at Chelsea, – Jardim said – He tried to continue playing at a high level when normally when you have an injury like that, you stay at your club to try and get back quickly.”

Also the former Chelsea striker spoke after his side’s home 3-0 win to CSKA Moscow last night.

The Colombia international scored a brace and the Ligue 1 giants are now top of the group table.

“I had the opportunity to play in the Premier League, and I did it – he told journalists – I have kept the positive things of that experience as I developed as a player but also as a man.”

“Now I’m back at Monaco. I try to enjoy it as much as possible, to string games together to get back to my best,”

“I have always been able to overcome difficulties during my career. It’ll be the same now.”

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Chelsea have released some first-team players this week after opting not to renew their contracts.

Radamel Falcao, Alexandre Pato and goalkeeper Marco Amelia had contracts up until the 30th June and the Blues have decided that they have no use for the players and have allowed them to leave the club.

Colombian international Falcao joined on a season long loan last year from Monaco. He scored just one goal in 12 games for Chelsea but he spent most of the season sidelined due to injury.

Brazlilan forward Pato joined in January on an emergency 3-month loan from Corinthians when the London club were in desperate need for a striker. He managed just one goal during his time and that came against relegated Aston Villa when he scored from the penalty spot.

Marco Amelia, the 34-year-old goalkeeper never made it to the first team after he joined in 2015 on a free transfer.

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Former Chelsea striker Radamel Falcao is set to come back to his former club Monaco, the player has confirmed via social platforms.

The Colombian star played just 36 games in his two spells at Manchester United and Chelsea, scoring just five goals, 4 at Old Trafford and just one at Stamford Bridge.

Falcao has been heavily linked with a move to Middlesbrough, but he has confirmed he is coming back ‘home’ to Monaco with this Instagram post:


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Manchester United and Chelsea flop Radamel Falcao was linked with Middlesbrough.

Falcao, 30, made just 10 Premier League appearances last season and scored only one goal, spending most of the season to recover from muscular injuries.

His parent club is still Monaco, who signed him from Atletico Madrid in a €40m deal in 2013.

He was then loaned to the two Premier League top clubs but failed to make an impact after his performances worsened after his cruciate ligament injury in early 2014.

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falcao goal chelsea

River Plate are reportedly ready to bid to take Chelsea man Radamel Falcao back at his former club.

Argentine president Rodolfo D’Onofrio reportedly wants to re-sign the Colombian International but all depends on Falcao’s will.

He told Marca: “Six months ago I contacted Falcao via some friends that we have in common, to see if he was eager to return to River. At the time, he told me that he wanted to continue in Europe, something which is understandable, as he is at a big club (Chelsea) and earning astronomical figures,”

“He is the one who must decide if he intends to return to River, as D’Alessandro and Cavenaghi did at the time. Everything depends on his decision. If Falcao has made the decision to return to River, the doors are open. It would be really nice to have him at the club again.”

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Guus Hiddink’s press conference ahead of the clash at Bournemouth:

INJURED PLAYERS-Kurt Zouma is working very hard, Remy is out, Terry is not still available to play, he will travel with the team this afternoon to Bournemouth. He travels because I like people to be involved in the team, he is very committed, he was very annoyed by his injury, and I want him to be the team.

JONH TERRY – “He’s under treatment, I hope he will step up next week. He has to step up at least Thursday, training with the group, to play against Spurs

It’s a long way to go for him to become a manager,  if you gather all the players you’re interested, yu always have a good view of the other side, but first of all I consider him as a player.

EDEN HAZARD – “He is available, he will travel, maybe not the whole game. This week he was training without complaining, he was training very alive, a good signal to participate.

UPCOMING GAMES – “We’re not in the middle of the focus, I said to the guys that they are still in a big club, in a dififcult season, and you have not to forget also our loyal supporters

“Players motivation? When we play games in training they are fully committed to win, so Chelsea will try to win all the remaining wins.”

NEW TOP CLUBS –Everyone is in favour to see Leicester being champions

“If you have a wise and smart [players] recruitment maybe you have good players for 1 million or a little more, then maybe the pass 3-4 years in the club their value is 20 million, of course the demand of a big club is very high, it’s not that easy, but sometimes you find what you call a white horse.

“In some club you don’t have very good players, good players not superstars, but they got also very strong team spirit that give you the appearance to be unbeatable.”

BOURNEMOUTH –It’s not easy to come from Championship and to keep them in the Premier League is even more difficult, they kept on doing well, that’s an example of a good English manager and what he can do. He’s a good example of how he can manage it.

“Leicester got a good management, probably a good transfer policy, when you can from the bottom to the Premier League it’s always respectful

EPISODES – “I watched to game Bournemouth won at Stamford Bridge, yes, it’s true, their winner was offside. But at the end of the season you got compensation in those episodes, like the equaliser Terry scored against Everton, it was offside too.

BAD SEASON – “I watched that game and I wondered how Chelsea, the champions, could lose like that. The club wasn’t used to situations like this, it’s a new negative experience. 

“Next seasons many teams will have the possibility to sign very good players, so it will be tougher for everyone.

SQUAD MOOD – “When results are not good during the season, of course there is a different mood, when we went out of the Champions League and Fa Cup of course something changed, automatically there was a little less “sparkle” to perform at the top. We have to go into the last games with a lot pride

EMENALO/ACADEMY – “I don’t know exactly what Emenalo said, but it’s difficult to comment…Harry Kane came from Spurs academy, of course. At Chelsea the demands to be first team player is very high, you must have a very good recruitment department but it’s not easy in big clubs, it’s difficult to make the last step. Of Course Chelsea got good youngsters, the average quality is ok, but you must ask yourself if among them  you got 2-3 players that in a couple of years can make it in the first team.

PATO and FALCAO“Pato and Falcao with Costa? I have to make my fair judgement and give them the opportunity they deserve in the games, in January we had many problems and only Diego Costa was available, then Traore came and did well, Pato came on loan and he took a while to play because there was competition.

CHELSEA TOP YOUNGSTERS – “The youngsters, like Tammy Abraham, often train with us and you can see them how they grow in a short time, how they improve also their resistance, yesterday we had three-four players of the ones that won the youth League that partecipated to the training, for me they learn much more when they train with the first team that playing with not so challenging teams.”

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Radamel Falcao told NBC’s ProSoccerTalk he would like to play in Major League Soccer after his Chelsea loan, even though his immediate future is in Europe.

The 30-year-old Colombia international striker said: “Some other Colombian players are playing in Major League Soccer and obviously the big stars like Andrea Pirlo, Kaka and Giovani dos Santos.”

“I never say no but in this moment I am thinking about Europe and my performances here, I think I have more years to fight in these leagues.”

Falcao added: “I follow the league. In England they are showing the games and I have some friends who play in there who I played with in River Plate or Porto like Higuain or Valeri.”

“Some other Colombian players are playing in Major League Soccer and obviously the big stars like Andrea Pirlo, Kaka or Giovani dos Santos. I think MLS could be bigger than now because they have everything they need to become an even stronger league and become even more competitive.”

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Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of the Premier League match with Manchester City at Stamford Bridge:

TERRY, HAZARD, REMY OUT – “I think we had a good week, I am especially happy that some injured players came in, not all of them because Terry, Hazard and Remy are still out.

“It’s good to see of what they are able to do, I think I will play some youngsters, so they will get the experience, they have to go into tomorrow’s match with ambition and desire, we want to to do a good row until the rest of the season.

MAN CITY“For Man City is good to be in the last four of Europe, it’s a reward for their season, Liverpool was able to qualify after a crazy game and  for English football is good to have two teams winning in the European games.

“If City can be distracted from the Champions League? They had a wonderful week and they have still some days before they play Real Madrid, it’s encouraging for us, it’s one reason more to expect a strong opposition.”

CHELSEA SEASON“You have to consider all season: half way in December Chelsea was one point from the relegation, it was difficult to imagine that you could compete for the title at the end. These games are normally the ones that decide the championship, unfortunately this time not.”

DE BRUYNE-LUKAKU“They are quality players, it would not be nice to neglect that, they got huge qualities, their career has improved so far, it’s good to see them performing well, also for the upcoming EURO.”

EDEN HAZARD – “It’s been a long period [ since he has been injured] it hasn’t been alarming, but now he is coming back. It’s difficult when you are the player of the year, and then you have this drastic fall of form.

“I was breaking my head too to understand how to have him on track, I think he fell to match into injuries and it was difficult for him to come back.”

DIEGO COSTA – “He could take a break since he was missing some games but he didn’t, he worked very hard, he was in Cobham working with the staff, he is very ambitious, very eager to play.”

CHELSEA MOTIVATION FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON – “It’s strange, because this club used to be involved in the last weeks of the season in some fight for some title. You are a little be empty because there is no silverware to go for, this has been a very difficult season, but we made a great step out of relegation zone, some days you think about the thing you don’t fight for nothing, but then you have to react.

You see a little bit of [bad] reaction from the players, going a little bit more on injuries, now they must show what they are capable of.”

NEXT SEASON – “Of course there is a lot of work to do, they have to restart their energy.”

HIS FUTURE – “If I am asked I am available for this club.”

WHY SEASON WAS WRONG – “You have to go back to the start of the season, to August, untile December… We can make an analysis, of course I’ve got my opinion, but I think it’s not good for me to do it here.”

REACTION – “I want a reaction after the setback with the first defeat in the Premier League. For them it’s important to show what they can do, to show that they are happy to play for this big club. Some of them are going to play in the EURO, and they must arrive prepared, because it’s a tough competition.”

COMPETITION“Some clubs will have more money to spend in the next years, I think for the football is good that also smaller clubs will have the chance to sign better players.

Teams that were used to compete for the title or the Champions League spot will be chased.”

FALCAO- PATOLast week we brought many youngsters also because of the injuries. That’s good to go on that, to use this strategy, to permit to the youngsters to have more playing time.

“Pato deserved to start one game at least, to give him the chance to show what he is able to do not just in training.”

INJURIES –Cahill and Matic are in, Kenedy suffered a small injury but he will be able to be selected.”


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Today at Swansea Chelsea lost not only a game but also a huge part of the – already small- chances to get into European competitions for next season.

The Blues were not able to respond to Sigurdsson‘s goal that arrived halfway in the first part and now they find themselves again in the 10th place with 44 points: it will be really hard to climb up to the sixth place, even with a game in hand.

Guus Hiddink said yesterday he preferred to give chances to the youngsters rather than keeping his unbeaten record in the Premier League, but with his record gone now, he could understand that not every game you are facing an almost relegated side with no motivation and some of the youngsters didn’t fulfill the expectations after the good performances against Aston Villa: one of them is Matt Miazga, that did a big mistake in Swansea’s goal with a weak clearing that gave the ball to Sigurdsson.

Chelsea then was not able to equalise, with Pato wasting two big chances before the end of the first half but they risked also to get the second goal after a mix-up between Begovic and Baba Rahman that Andre Ayew didn’t exploit.

In the beginning of the second half Begovic avoid the 2-0 with a great save on Paloschi.

Meanwhile Kenedy made his way into the pitch at half time, replacing Matt Miazga.

A 2-0 that could came right after this chance, when Ivanovic terribly loses a ball near the box delivering that to Sigurdsson, that didn’t take advantage of Chelsea defense’s present like in the first half.

Pato then misses another chance on a terrific cross by Baba and that’s when Hiddink decides to replace him with Bertrand Traorè (minute 64).

Chelsea seem to be more confident to get the equaliser now, but they miss another chance with Pedro and, at the end, it’s Swansea going closer to score with another incredible chance missed by Montero. ( minute 74).

At minute 77 Hiddink tries another desperate move to try to get at least a draw and substitute Ruben Loftus-Cheek ( poor today) with Radamel Falcao, who comes back to play an official games after six months from his previous one and a long recovery from two muscular injury.

The result is not what expected, since the team seem to be a little nervous now, throwing balls into Swansea area but in a confusional way.

Anyway Falcao gets his big chance at minute 86′, when he shoots after a quick spin on a great ball gave by Traore but Swansea defender Williams is able to deflect the ball before Fabianski gets it and save his goal.

Chelsea desperately continue to attack but the anxiety to get the result don’t help the team to be lucid when coming close to the goal.

The game ends with a defeat that can be tougher of what imagined: Antonio Conte will have a great job to do next season to restore confidence in this team and take it back to to football top levels.


SWANSEA – Fabianski, Rangel, Fernandez, Williams, Taylor, Cork, Fer, Sigurdsson, Ayew (Routledge 67′), Montero( Naughton 84′), Paloschi (Gomis 75′).

Unused Subs: Nordfeldt,, Amat, Ki, Barrow.

Manager: Francesco Guidolin

CHELSEA – Begovic; Azpilicueta, Miazga (Kenedy 46′), Ivanovic (c), Baba Rahman; Mikel, Fabregas; Pedro, Loftus-Cheek (Falcao 76′), Oscar; Pato (Traore 64′)

Unused Subs: Courtois, Aina, Colkett, Palmer.

Manager: Guus Hiddink


Scorers: Sigurdsson 25′

Yellow Cards- Swansea: Rangel 30′, Taylor 43′, Paloschi 71′, Williams 78′, Leroy Fer 79′. Chelsea: Azpilicueta 36′, Miazga 40′, Pedro 71′, Fabregas 78′


Referee: Andre Marriner

Venue: Liberty Stadium, Swansea, UK


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Diego Costa © Francesca Ceciarini

Atletico Madrid chairman Enrique Cerezo spoke to Spanish radio Onda Cero about Chelsea striker Diego Costa.

In fact, it’s no mystery the Spanish side would like to bring back the forward to the Vicente Calderón in next summer transfer window but Chelsea are really keen to keep him, as well as their new manager Antonio Conte:

He’s got a contract with Chelsea and we must respect this,” Cerezo said.

“To negotiate with Chelsea will be really hard, almost impossible.

“We don’t have to forget he is one of the Blues stars. 

“If Falcao was close to come back last January? He was injured and we didn’t know really well the injury’s extent.”


Chelsea assistant coach Gianfranco Zola believes "all the players believed in what we were doing" despite Maurizio Sarri had some issues during his first season abroad as...