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Manchester United boos Louis Van Gaal seemed VERY annoyed about the speculations on his future, with José Mourinho that seemed already on his way to Old Trafford after his sacking.

After the Special One was fired by Chelsea, many rumours were putting him on Van Gaal’s place for the upcoming days: “Manchester United are in a bad run too, the Dutchman is on the brink” “Mourinho already has an agreement with the Red Devils” “Van Gaal has been sacked, more news to follow” every minute a news was coming out on his and Man United future seems to come out, and many times were just social network’s fake news that came around and were reported even by important media.

They were crazy days, and Van Gaal had enough, he thought that all these speculations were a huge lack of respect toward him, his family, his club and the fans.

So today the Manchester United boss attended his usual pre-match press conference, to preview game with Stoke City on Boxing Day.

It lasted something less than five minutes: the time for a rant, then the Dutch coach stormed out of the press room.

Here is how it went:

Q: Arsene Wenger says it’s been disrespectful?

Has anybody in this room not a feeling to apologise to me? That’s what I’m wondering. I think I was already sacked, I read. I have been sacked. 

My colleague was here already. What do you think happens with my wife or my kids? Or with my grandchildren? Or with the fans of Manchester United? Or my friends? What do you think? They have called me a lot of times and also Arsene Wenger is saying something about that. So you think that I want to talk with the media now. I am here only because of the Premier League rules. I have to talk with you. But I can only see when I say something that you use my words in your context. And I want to say only I have tried to lift the confidence of my players. I have done everything this week.

I held meetings with the players with my members of staff, I hold a Christmas lunch, I did a speech and I feel the warmth and support of everybody in Carrington, this AON training complex.

But I didn’t feel that in the media and of course I can imagine that you can write about that subject. We are not in a good position but four weeks ago we were first in the Premier League and in four weeks’ time we can be back in that position again.

Q: Manchester United is a huge club, is the speculation inevitable?

No I don’t think that you can do that because you have to stick by the facts and when I get calls off Alex Ferguson and David Gill and Ed Woodward because you are creating something that is not good, what is not being the facts, now I have to answer questions. I don’t think I want to do it. I only say now I am focussed on Stoke City, I help my players. I wish you a Merry Christmas and also maybe a Happy New Year when I see you. Enjoy the wine and a mince pie. Goodbye.

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Former Chelsea manager Avram Grant is disappointed with the media in relation to Jose Mourinho. In his opinion the Portuguese coach should be more respected by the media, but above all he deserves a chance to turn the club’s season around.

Grant told Sky Sports News HQ:

“It is not easy, but I think Jose deserves a chance,”

“I didn’t like when they made him the genius, and I don’t like what they are doing to Jose now, saying ‘He is useless’ or something.”

“It is not like this, it is too extreme. He is a good coach but, like any other person, he is facing tough times.”

“He needs to show he can handle pressure but don’t judge him only by the quality of his interviews when he is under pressure. He is a good coach, a nice guy, and he can get out of it, for sure.”

Asked about Chelsea’s disappointing performances and slow climbing in the Premier League table:

“They need to stop living in the past and saying last season was like this and this,”

“Because then you could also say that two seasons ago was not so great.”

“Last season was great for Chelsea, winning the League title, but now they need to see what is the problem, why are top players not performing like they need to play, why the team is not performing like they need to, and find a solution.”

“The quality is there, the talent is there. There is no doubt about this.”

Former Chelsea manager spoke also about ultimate Costa’s controversial behaviour:

“It has not been an easy season for Diego Costa,”

“But I did not like his reaction.”

“On one hand you want the players to be passionate and want to play, but imagine if all the players took off their shirts and threw them off! I don’t think it would be good for the team.”

“Publicly, I would not say anything but I would tell him face-to-face what I think of his behaviour and what he needs to do better to play.”

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mourinho fabregas

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas praised and backed his club manager, José Mourinho, while speaking to Radio Marca:

“He is the best coach in the history of the club and the best we can have. Personally, he helped me in a very complicated moment of my career and he gives me confidence.

“I will do whatever he asks. In face-to-face situations he helps me a lot and I respect him for that.

“Mourinho is different in person from when you see him on television. I know because I’ve experienced it.

“We [Chelsea] are not well, but we will do better. We have the best coach for the club.

“People have not forgotten that five months ago we won the Premier League and a cup – but we have to change the situation fast and soon.

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The Brazilian winger Willian, has assured everyone that he and Jose Mourinho have great respect for each other.

Pedro arrival at Stamford Bridge has led to speculation that, Willian was offered to PSG and Bayern Munich. But Willian transfer did not take place, and what is more, he has ensured everybody, that Jose Mourinho has a lot of respect to him.

Willian told Four Four Two :

“We have a great relationship. He has always respected me, and I truly respect him. It is a professional relationship of two guys with the same goal.”

“I know I’ve got my tactical responsibilities at Chelsea – I must close spaces and help with marking,”

“But I don’t really mind doing it. This is something you must do in modern football. Every single player has his defensive role to play. I also have freedom to attack and I try to give my contribution offensively.”


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Mourinho Pulis West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea

Ahead of the difficult away game at WBA Chelsea boss José Mourinho spoke about Blues next rivals to Chelsea TV.

The Portuguese manager considers West Brom a very good organised opponent and got a lot of respect for their manager, Tony Pulis:

They are well organised and they know how to defend They are very physical, with normally no mistakes in relation to concentration. I believe they work very well during the week.

They have players with attacking quality who can go outside of the normal tendency of the game. When they are very defensive and everybody thinks they are playing for a draw, they always have somebody who can bring something and score a goal. They are always very strong in set-pieces, defensively and attacking.

I have just played against Tony in the last two years, but even when I was not in the country I know the way his teams played and what is important to him – the kind of players he signs.

I see him as a top professional with clear ideas that always reach the objectives the club established. I think I understand clearly what he wants and what he wants gives him the results he expects“.

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Chelsea fans showed Petr Cech respect, during his debut for Arsenal in the Community Shield final at Wembley.

Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic has asked Chelsea fans to be respectful of Petr Cech during Sunday’s clash between Chelsea and Arsenal in the Community Shield. And the Blues fans have complied with his request.

30,000 Chelsea supporters warmly welcomed Petr Cech at Wembley. Former Chelsea goalkeeper had to run the length of the pitch to take his position between the Arsenal sticks and the Blues fans have welcomed him with a warm round of applause.

Cesc Fabregas was not so fortunate, as Arsenal fans booed their former captain.

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Speaking to Chelsea website after his move to Arsenal Petr Cech praised Blues manager José Mourinho, from whom he states he learned a lot:

He [Mourinho] had to make his decision at the start of last season, I had to make my decision at the start of this season but I will always keep the best regards for him because I believe that we had so much success and so much respect for each other”

“He is one of the best managers in the world. Now, we will be opponents but it will not change our relationship, I believe”

“I learned a lot from him and one of those things was that if you have to make a hard decision, you need to make sure that you do it if you believe it is the right choice”.

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It is one of the traditions of the Premier League – when any team wins the title, they are congratulated by their opponent in the following game.

Brendan Rodgers has confirmed his Liverpool side will honour this practice, giving Chelsea a guard of honour if they are crowned Champions. Chelsea still have four games to play including their home clash against Crystal Palace this weekend.

The Blues could clinch the title on Sunday if they beat their London neighbours.

The Reds face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge next Sunday (16:00 GMT KO), as they fight to secure European football next season. When asked whether or not Liverpool would be honouring Chelsea should they, as expected, overcome Palace, Rodgers said:

“Absolutely. This club is based on dignity and respect and class. Whoever is the champion, that’s what you do.”

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On Friday morning’s media conference ahead of the match at Hull on Monday Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger gave a reply to Mourinho, who after the chant “boring, boring” from Gunners’ supporters turned the table back saying: “You support the club and you’re waiting, waiting, waiting for so many years without a Premier League title, so that’s very boring.”

“The biggest thing of managers is to respect each other and some people have to improve on that,” Wenger told the press when asked about the taunts. “Everybody lives with his own internal problems and I live with mine and that is enough.”

The chase of the Premier League title is basically over since Blues need only a win to hold the crown, but Arsene Wenger highlights that: “We have to look at it in a realistic way,” he continued. “I feel we have made progress and so I look at it in a positive way because what you want in the season is your team to become better. We faced a big challenge because Chelsea didn’t drop their level and thats why we didn’t catch them but overall we feel we have made progress.”


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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho isn’t known for his friendliness on the touchline – but the 52-year old admitted he has a lot of respect for one man – Sir Alex Ferguson.

Having first met in 2004 when he was in charge of Porto, Mourinho has since been left impressed by Ferguson’s legacy in football He said:

“That was when I felt the two faces of such a big man.

“The first face  was the competitor, the man that tried everything to win. And after that I found the man with principles, with the respect for the opponent, with the fair play. I found these two faces in that period, and that was very important for me.”

However Mourinho said that his culture prevented him to replicate what Sir Alex did. He added:

“In my culture, the Portuguese and the Latin culture, we don’t have that culture of the second face; we are in football to win and when we don’t there is not a second face most of the time.

“But when we beat United in the Champions League I got that beautiful face of a manager which I try to have myself. I try.”

The former Manchester United boss is the most successful in British football history. He oversaw 810 games in charge of the Reds, winning 528 of those games. He won the Premier League 13 times, the Champions League twice and he was voted Manager of the Year 11 times.

The Scot’s time at United saw 15 managers come through the doors at Chelsea, with 66 games against Chelsea during his time at United. Chelsea won 21 of those encounters, losing 24 of them.

However, Mourinho’s record is one of the best. Having only crossed swords with Ferguson during his first stint as Chelsea manager, the Portuguese man played 10, won five, drew four and lost only one of his games against the Red Devils.


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