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On Sunday at Stamford Bridge Chelsea will face Liverpool and his former player Mo Salah, who has recently been voted Best Premier League player for this season.

Speaking during his pre-game press conference Antonio Conte claimed it’s not his fault his the striker has been sold by the Blues:

No-one asked me about him,” Conte said. “I don’t want to take this responsibility. If I do I’m in trouble.  It would be very difficult to predict this type of season for Salah, we’re talking about a player with specific characteristics, good technique, very fast. Every opportunity, every chance he has he’s very good to take the chance. Very clinical.”


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Eden Hazard must become the leader of Chelsea to show all his incredible talent, according to Blues ex midfielder Michael Ballack:

“He was struggling a bit last year,” he told Omnisport.

“Players like him, who are, in my eyes, very emotional players, they need a kind of warm environment, a good relationship with everyone – especially the coach – to perform.

“And he has unbelievable talent. I mean, the expectations to handle that and to bring it at the right time on the pitch is the key question for him.

“He’s getting older now as well and it’s not his first season at Chelsea anymore.

So all the fans and the club expect a lot from him and I think he needs to understand he’s one of the key players, if not the key player, of that team.

“He got the captain’s armband for his Belgium team from the [former] coach Marc Wilmots, which shows his attention. He gave him this responsibility to understand.”

“He’s not just a winger to perform some days to show his incredible talent,” Ballack added.

“No, there’s much more about leadership and what he brings to the team because he has this incredible talent.

“But there’s something above that – not just to perform but have this responsibility for the team.

“If I see to the right and to the left I don’t see a player on this team on his level. And he needs to understand that, and then I think he will bring his talent on the pitch and also has this impact to his team-mates.

“Because that’s what I expect from a big player – to have this impact on his team-mates as well, to push them as well, in terms of performing.”

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Chelsea vice-captain Branislav Ivanovic explained what went wrong in the beginning of this season, when the Blues had the worst start in the last 40 years and went one point from relegation zone, a situation that culminated with the sacking of manager José Mourinho.

The Serbian defender reveals that was not Mourinho‘s fault and that if Abramovich could, he would have fired all the squad for under performing on the pitch but, at the end, as it often happens in football it was the coach to pay for everyone:

“We didn’t know what was going on,” the current Chelsea’s captain on the pitch said.

“We finished brilliantly last season.We won the trophy. We knew how difficult it was.

Jose told us the hardest season in football is the year after you win. We were ready for that, but we didn’t start well.

“We lost control of our game and minds. Those three or four months was one of the most disappointing moments in my career.“

We could not deal with the pressure of what being champions of England means. Your opponents have big motivation.

“When we didn’t win for six or seven games, people realised we were not as strong as last season. They weren’t scared.

“I took criticism from the public, but I was more critical of myself. All players are most critical of themselves.

“I tried to find the reason why I was not performing as I was last season. We gave everything last season.

“We didn’t realise how dangerous it was to be champions. We fell down quickly. We didn’t know what was going on around us.

“I had an injury and was not 100 per cent clear in my head what I was doing, what I had to do.

“Jose didn’t change. He didn’t change his preparation for games. He didn’t change the way he treated us. He was the same.

“Football is about players. The managers are not on the pitch. It is 11 vs 11. You have to be better than your opponent.

“We were more responsible than the manager. Of course it is difficult to change 25 players halfway through the season.

If Abramovich could have, he would have changed all of us as. It’s difficult to say it was only one guy’s responsibility.

Guus [Hiddink] deserves a lot of credit. He is doing an amazing job. But it was all about the players. Changing manager woke us up.

“When we had Jose, we had a shield in front of us. We had someone to protect us, to be criticised first. Now it’s only us.

“We cannot blame someone else. We have no-one around us, and we have to start winning games, which is the aim of the club.

“Chelsea did not deserve to be in the situation they were in. We are trying to do everything we can to save the season.

Asked if he would like Chelsea captaincy he replied:

“Difficult question. We have a captain. I don’t like to think about the future.

“I try to do my best and be ready if it happens. I would hope not to change what I am now. If not, I’m happy like this.

“You need to be the person all the others look to. When we concede a goal, we always look to John and see his reaction.

“A good captain must be successful. Win the trophies. Off the pitch, you need to be professional, set a good example.

“We have lost some leadership. We had big players who built this team. In my opinion we have lost a bit of leadership.“

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Romelu Lukaku revealed that was not José Mourinho to force him to leave Chelsea last season, but it was just HIS decision.

“Choices were made by me. By me. Not by them,” claimed the Everton striker, that already netted 16 goals in this season so far.

“Everyone says it is Mourinho’s fault but it is not his fault because I made the decision. I went to his office to ask if I could go. He was the first one to say: ‘Good luck.’

“I signed the deal with Everton at 11 o’clock and the first text message I got on my old BlackBerry was from Mourinho saying: ‘Good luck, do your best and I will see you next season.’ He was the first. Nobody knows that and that is why for me he gets immense respect. It is really sad he has to go. He is a great character and a great man. Even though there were words said in the media, I never looked at it because I know what he did and not a lot of managers would do that.”

Lukaku also said that he was really surprised by Mourinho’s sacking: “It’s hard, it’s tough. Seven months ago, they won the Premier League by playing some wonderful football. It’s mad, mad. When I heard the news I thought: ‘Wow.’ That was the only thing I could say.”

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Chelsea vice-captain Branislav Ivanovic spoke after the Sunderland win, analysing the game but, above all, the moment:

“It was a difficult game and it was very important to score early goals,’ he said. ‘It hasn’t happened for us a lot of times this season and when we scored these early goals it took the pressure away from us. The second goal was massive and hugely important for us. After that we felt confident and we controlled the game. We are still a little bit shaky when we conceded a goal, which is psychologically difficult in this moment and something we need to improve in the future, but in the end I think we deserved the three points.

“Before the game there was pressure on us because of the situation and we knew that. We wanted to win this game, we wanted to change our situation, because this club doesn’t deserve to be in the position we are now and the only way to change this is to win the games, and the only people who can do that is us players on the pitch. We had to play from the first minute to the last minute as a team to show our character.”

Ivanovic already worked under new interim boss Hiddink in his first spell at Chelsea:

“I worked with him here before, he was the one who gave me a proper chance in this club. I know how good his work was the first time he was here and I am grateful to him for that moment, but it was a long time ago,’ explained the 31-year-old.

“Now is a new challenge, a completely different situation. I know he’s one of the most experienced managers in the world, he has worked and been successful in a lot of countries. I think his first aim is to stabilise us, to give everything to the team so we can play like we did against Sunderland. We have to get back into the habit of winning as quickly as possible.”

Ivanovic also claimed that if Chelsea is a difficult situation at the moment the responsibility has to be shared among everyone, not just the former manager, who paid for everyone losing his job:

All of us has a responsibility for what has happened and all of us are responsible for where we are in this moment. The manager is not on the pitch, it is the players, so we lose the games and the thing we can change in the future is ourselves. We have to be honest with each other and honest with ourselves, then win a couple of games in a row and stick with that for a long time to get back to winning regularly, because it is important for the club.”

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Eden Hazard won the Player of the Year Award last season © Francesca Ceciarini

Belgian talent Eden Hazad was Premier League Player of the Year in the last season and there is no doubt Chelsea benefited a lot from his performances in the conquest of the title and of the Capital One Cup.

But this campaign the Little Belgian Wizard still has still to ignite his gunpowder and was one of the worst players of the Blues in this horrible start of the season.

Chelsea manager José Mourinho teased his star to try to inflame him and get better performances in the next games:

If you are the best player in the league, I think it should be a good responsibility to have a similar season than in the previous season.

“I don’t want to analyse individual performances. In general terms, it is difficult to have a consistent performance when some of the players are not performing at a good level.

“When you have six or seven performing and three or four who are not at an acceptable level, it is hard for a team to be consistent in the performance“.

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José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea boss José Mourinho spoke to Chelsea website about his expectations for the upcoming season.

The Portuguese manager thinks that being champions bring to the club and him more responsibility:

“When you are champions you owe something to the players as a manager. I feel that. I prefer loyalty to kicking people out and bringing in new faces when you are champions. I prefer the group to know that I am there for them and I recognise what they did for us.

“Even if other teams make huge investments and go with lots of new faces, I prefer this feeling of loyalty to the squad. What they did last year is more than enough to trust them and to respect them.

“Being champions doesn’t change me for bad, it changes me for good. Hopefully it is the same thing for the players. I want them to feel good but not relaxed or with less motivation. It can only influence us in a positive way.

“The atmosphere is brilliant. The players’ relations are good, and the relations between me and the players is good. Everything is going well but we know we have the most difficult domestic competition in the world, with more candidates and top teams.

Mourinho claims that the Premier League is going to be even more difficult after the other teams’ efforts on the market:

“It was always difficult to win matches in England and now it’s even more difficult. The teams are going to be stronger. Look at Crystal Palace, one example, who have signed Yohan Cabaye and Conor Wickham.

“What others are doing will make a different Premier League. To win it we won’t need as many points as before. I think fewer points will win the title, and there will be more defeats and lost points for the top teams.

“I welcome this mentality, this economic power, and this ambition. If the Premier League was difficult it will be even more difficult now“.

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José Mourinho thinks that Eden Hazard can become one of the top-five players in the world.

Speaking during Chelsea tour in the USA, the Chelsea boss revealed that he’s pushing Eden and everyone else in the squad and in the Blues staff to improve and give their best, so to reach more important results and established themselves in the European elíte.

The Belgian player was named Player of the Year the last season, but according to Mourinho he still has to get stronger:

“To repeat the awards, I believe he has got to get better, because the normal tendency is for people to find another star.

People find somebody new to get these individual trophies. But he has all the conditions to improve. With his age he can improve.

“I talk to all of them (the squad). Medical department too. I told them. You have to be better.

Champions League can be an important competition to improve and reach the players Olympus:

“Two years ago we reached the CL semi-final but he didn’t play. He didn’t play in Madrid, he played injured at home. So he arrived in that crucial moment not in condition.

“Last year we didn’t do well and we were out immediately so he also needs a good Champions League. I’m not saying winning but I say a proper Champions League. But no matter, he is fantastic.

Mourinho also pointed out the fact that Hazard is a very loyal player on the pitch:

“He’s getting stronger and stronger, not just in his body, but in his attitude. He’s mentally tough. He’s not the kind of boy who overreacts. After a bad tackle he never rolls and rolls like other players do.

“He doesn’t try and push referees to make certain decisions. Eden is not this guy. He’s loyal and honest, and gets lots of respect from opponents because of that.”

“I would like more protection for him, but it’s beyond my control.

“The only thing I can do is what I am doing and what Eden is doing, which is to work and work and work to be stronger and stronger. I don’t want to change his mentality or personality. I don’t want him crying or overreacting.

“I don’t want someone to touch his shoulder and he reacts by throwing his hands in his face like some players do. I want Eden to be what he is – absolutely fantastic.

“Eden is coming with big status now and was voted one of the top ten players in Europe last year. In my opinion he should be in the top three not in the top ten. Let’s see what is going to happen but we have these people. But let’s say John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic are our captains and the others are ready to come.

For Chelsea manager, Hazard is already a leader:

“On the pitch Eden leads. He is not afraid to take responsibility. He is not afraid to get the team in a dark situation and bring blue sky again for the team.”


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