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It’s certainly not the best period for Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, so the Portuguese manager is not in his best mood.

As the Daily Mail reveal, the Blues boss had also a bust up with Everton manager Roberto Martinez last Saturday after the defeat against Toffees.

Here is how the Mail Online reports the episode:

Martinez had just given a routine press conference and was standing outside Goodison’s media room, speaking to national newspapers, when a visibly irate Mourinho stormed into view. 
Mourinho had been advised by a steward to walk down the touchline and up a set of stairs so he could give his own press conference but ignored what he was told and made a beeline for Martinez.

At first, Martinez was oblivious to what was happening until Mourinho, anxious to board Chelsea’s coach, abruptly interrupted. ‘Roberto, next time you tell me (to) go before you, because we have to travel,’ Mourinho scowled.

Martinez tried to reply: ‘We don’t control that, Jose. I don’t control that.’

But Mourinho was in no mood to listen and fired back: ‘F****** hell!’

As Mourinho burst through the door, Martinez wryly observed: ‘When he beat us 6-3 (last season) he was such a nice man. I prefer him like that!’

After giving a short, terse conference, Mourinho scurried off without speaking to the daily publications and it summed up exactly how the afternoon had gone for the Portuguese.

Before kick-off, Mourinho walked out on a television interview with BT Sport after he had been asked about Chelsea’s failed pursuit of Everton defender John Stones.


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Roberto Martinez hailed hat-trick hero Steven Naismith to inspire Everton’s 3-1 win over Chelsea.

During the post match press conference Martinez said :

“Steven’s performance typified the effort and the character that we have at Everton,”

“He hasn’t been in the starting XI and all he did was focus and be ready to take his moment and the moment that that arrived he’s put things in place that have really made a difference. ”

“To score a perfect hat-trick against the current champions, I think that shows you a lot and I think he’s the type of example that we want at Everton to the younger players, to show them that you need to be ready and you need to prepare yourself so that when you get your opportunity on the pitch you can take it. It was a real joy to see Steven enjoying that sort of performance.”

“We have a strong squad but the attitude is everything,”

“Sometimes you play against the champions and you can beat them through lucky breaks after weathering the storm, but that wasn’t the case. ”

“For 90 minutes we restricted them to two shots on target – one a terrific strike from Nemanja Matic from long range for their goal and the other was a header from Radamael Falcao. ”

“We kept the ball well when we had too, we scored three goals from open play against probably the most defensive set-up that Chelsea had this season. We looked dynamic and strong going forward and the difference was the second-half performance.”

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Everton coach Roberto Martinez has praised Steven Naismith, the hero of today’s match against Chelsea, for his incredible performance and commitment to the game.

Naismith was the hat-trick hero today at Goodison Park. The striker came on for the injured Muhamed Besic early in the game and led Everton to the historic victory over Chelsea. Roberto Martinez has praised his player after the match.

Martinez told BT Sport:

“Stevie is a really, really important player to us. It’s not just what he’s done today, but it’s in the last two seasons.”

“He’s been growing week by week and his role is very important. As you can imagine he always wants to start games and that can become a little bit difficult but what we want is to have very strong squad.”

“If you want to be a winning team you need to be able to have a large squad and competition for places is very important.”

“What Steven Naismith showed was that he was ready for whenever his moment arrived and he did it in real style.”

“We take incredible satisfaction from a performance like that.”

“It gives you a feeling of pride from an incredible team performance.”



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Everton boss Roberto Martinez has said that he WILL shake Jose Mourinho’s hand when his side face Chelsea at Goodison Park tomorrow.

Martinez openly stated his anger at Chelsea’s much publicised interest in Toffees defender John Stones, who is expected to line up against his suitors in the lunchtime clash.

The Spaniard once said that Chelsea’s comments on the former Barnsley player were ‘illegal,’ with the Blues failing to sign the defender after having four bids turned down.

However, Martinez has said that the incident is behind him and that he will shake Mourinho’s hand tomorrow:

Of course, yes (I will shake Mourinho’s hand).

“I am against the rules (of the transfer window) and clubs being able to put in bids when the competition is on. I am not against clubs being interested in our players. I 100 per cent understand what happens.

“Yes, of course (Mourinho’s comments displeased me) but that’s because it’s against the law. You cannot come out and comment about another player of another club because the Premier League rules do not allow you to do it.

“We’re adult enough to understand that if that (talking about Stones) could put a little bit more pressure, it’s normal. It’s not accepted by the Premier League rules, though, but it is something that happens.

“That’s why I think it’s important that when the transfer window is open and you get these kind of situations that it doesn’t affect the preparation for a game, that’s my point. 

“I have been quite vocal about not having the window open when the competition is on.”

Martinez also said he has no concerns about how 21-year-old Stones will handle the situation tomorrow, and believes the turbulent summer has helped his education:

“John has gone from strength to strength,”said Martinez.

“He has taken the support of everyone at the football club and he has performed with incredible composure. It shows what type of player he is. Our interest is to look after every player. We are going to carry on doing that.”

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John Stones

Everton coach says the timing of Chelsea bids for John Stones made impossible any chance of a sale.

Roberto Martinez has revealed, that the timing of Chelsea’s bids for John Stones have made the transfer impossible, because Everton coach had no time to find a suitable replacement.

During the press conference Martinez said :

“It is part of the rules. In the transfer window you are allowed to make enquiries and offers for players.”

“It gives you a bigger feeling of control when you can decide what to do with those attempts.”

“There are moments when you can not replace players within the transfer window and it becomes damaging to lose players at the moment in the season,”

“That is why I feel so strongly that the window should not be open when the season starts. Maybe we need to be pioneers. If affects football all over the world.”

“I have been involved in 10 seasons and I can tell you three cases in every window. There are solutions to be found.”

Martinez has also made some comments about the level of transfer fee, Chelsea were ready to pay for his ace:

“It is part of the rules. I have always been vocal in not agreeing with having the transfer window open but you are allowed to make enquiries and table offers. If there is interest in your players it is a compliment and shows we are doing something well.”

“But we are clear in our strategy, building a young team and giving them big roles and that continuity is paramount. We have made progress in every window.”

“Every player who represents Everton needs understanding and our best interests are to keep on developing John and that’s exactly what we will keep on doing.”

“He has been performing at a good level and has gone from strength to strength in a period of high pressure. He performed with a composure and maturity. He performed in a natural way.”

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Everton coach Roberto Martinez has praised his ace John Stones for his professionalism after Chelsea’s multiple bids were rejected.

During the summer transfer window, Chelsea have made four unsuccessful formal bids for Everton defender, with the last one worth around £37million. Even so, coach Martinez has decided that, Stones will remain at Goodison Park for the next season.

During today’s press conference before Saturday’s clash against Chelsea, Martinez has praised his player for “incredible maturity and composure” shown during his transfer saga.

Roberto Martinez said :

“John has gone from strength to strength,”

“He has taken the support of everyone at the football club and he has performed with incredible composure. It shows what type of player he is. Our interest is to look after every player. We are going to carry on doing that.”

“I have been quite vocal about not having the window open when the competition is on. We took it all as a compliment as it means we are doing something well and it gives you a feeling of control. I don’t agree from a human point of view and the authorities need to look at it.”

Martinez has dismissed talk of Chelsea’s crisis :

“They haven’t lost any of their key players and they won the league last season with a lot of dominance. We knew that the first 10 games were going to be really demanding. We are facing tough, tough opposition.”

“We understand that the next six games are against teams that finished in the top eight last season. The first four fixtures have been challenging and we expected that. Chelsea won the league. People will have expected them to get more points than they have but the margins have been small.”

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funes mori

Everton manager Roberto Martinez is concerned about Brendan Galloway and Bryan Oviedo fitness for the upcoming match against Chelsea next Saturday.

Thanks to this new Toffees’ signing Funes Mori could make his debut in Premier League against the Blues:

I think Brendan is progressing well and should be available, in the same way that Ramiro Funes Mori could become available,” the Spanish manager told the club website.

With Bryan, it’s difficult. I don’t know if the weekend is too early or not – we’ll find out over the next 48 hours,’ the manager said, adding that Funes Mori would have no problem slotting in.

“He [Funes Mori] is someone that has played in that position before. Being a left-footed defender, he has played in those positions.

Funes Mori will come back tomorrow from the USA, where he was playing a friendly match with Argentina, his national team:

It’s a long journey coming back on Thursday morning and we’ll assess that from a physical point of view“.

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Everton manager Roberto Martinez claims, that Aaron Lennon is ready to make his second debut against Chelsea on Saturday afternoon.

Everton winger Lennon has not played a single minute of competitive match football so far this season. Even so coach Martinez has no doubts, that the 28-year-old is ready to face Chelsea on Saturday.

Martinez told Everton TV :

“I’m not worried about his physical state and he needs to play games now to sharpen up his play,”

“He’s refreshed and is in a great position. He knows the football club inside out and is desperate to get back to Goodison.”

“From that point of view, I expect Aaron to be involved one way or another at the weekend.”

“The big advantage Aaron has is that he knows the league and he knows the competition,”

“He needs match fitness but he is fresh and has been working very well throughout pre-season as well.”

While Lennon himself added :

“I haven’t played pre-season games but I’ve trained a lot and I feel really good,”

“I’m in good condition, so once I get the game time in I don’t see why I won’t be straight up to speed. I’ve trained near enough every day this season, so I’m in good shape and ready to go.

“If you look at the quality the manager has brought in, the squad is getting so much stronger and I just can’t wait to help the team now. It’s exciting for me.

“Towards the end of last season, we got on a good run and this team’s definitely got the quality to be challenging up at the top end of the table. There is quality throughout and, without the Europa League this year as well, the lads have shown how good they are. 

“The season before last they finished fifth and I don’t see why we can’t be up there again with this team and with the quality it has.”


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Everton manager Roberto Martinez has revealed, that that he is in possession of a player who could seriously threaten Chelsea.

The current Premier League champions will face the Toffees on Saturday at Goodison Park. Due to the fact, that Leighton Baines and Bryan Oviedo will be absent during the clash, coach Martinez considers handing Everton’s new signing Ramiro Funes Mori.

The Argentine centre-back  joined the Toffees on the last day of summer transfer window. And according to Martinez words, he could make his first start for Everton against Chelsea.

Martinez told Everton TV :

“I think Brendan is progressing well and should be available, in the same way that Ramiro Funes Mori could become available.”

“He’s someone that has played in that position before. Being a left-footed defender, he has played in those positions.”

“The way I see Ramiro, he is able to play in any of those positions when he is needed, so in that respect it is about assessing how he feels.”

“It’s a long journey coming back on Thursday morning and we’ll assess that from a physical point of view.”


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Everton coach Roberto Martinez is convinced,that new signing Ramiro Funes Mori will be ready to perform against Chelsea during the Saturday’s clash at Goodison Park.

Everton’s new defender is away on international duty having been called up by Argentina national team. Even if Saturday’s clash will be Mori’s debut, coach Martinez has no doubts, that it will not affect his performance.

Martinez said :

“As soon as we can. I feel that after the break he will be ready to join the group.”

“Clearly, he is going to need a little bit of an adaptation period because the British game is very, very different – especially for a player that is in the last line. But, in terms of being available, I expect him to be fully fit and ready for the Chelsea game.”

“At 24, he’s been called up by Argentina and there’s a little bit of a change of generation in the national team,” said Martinez. “You see [Nicolas] Otamendi, who has just signed for Manchester City, and Ramiro – both could be the future of the national team.”

“That he can do that, within the environment and protection of ourselves, is something that excites me. And then, just purely that winning mentality that he brings, someone who has won a lot coming into a dressing room full of young talent here at Everton – he’s the perfect fit.”


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