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WEST BROMWICH, ENGLAND - APRIL 29: Jamie Vardy of Leicester City celebrates after scoring his sides first goal during the Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Leicester City at The Hawthorns on April 29, 2017 in West Bromwich, England.

Rumours linking English star Jamie Vardy to Chelsea were dismissed today.

In the past week reports suggested the Blues were looking for another striker to add to their squad and that they had targeted the England international.

But according to the Leicester Mercury, a source that is really close to the Foxes, Vardy has no chance to leave the Midlands side.

The Leicester newpaper reported:

“The Mercury understands there is no possibility of any deal and the player himself does not want to move.

Vardy signed a new long-term contract last summer after Arsenal‘s much-publicised transfer bid and wants to cement his legendary status at the club and among the fans.”

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Speaking to Radio Kiss Kiss in Italy Lorenzo Insigne‘s agent Franco della Monica commented the reports who wanted his client linked to Chelsea in a £ 45m move:

“I would start by saying the offer reported in the articles would be low and he has always been in the sights of many clubs.

“The priority for Lorenzo, though, is to be wearing the Napoli shirt and to be rewarded in an important way by his team. Now he has both and he is happy as well,” he concluded.

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Speculations were linking Eden Hazard to Real Madrid in the past days, with the Blancos allegedly ready to splash £ 100m to sign the Belgian star.

But Hazard himself dismissed the rumours claiming he wants to stay at Chelsea at least another couple of years:

“I’m good here. I’m at one of the best clubs in the world and I think I’m going to stay for a couple of years. I’m very happy,” the 26-year-old told The Straits Times.

“It’s going to be hard but we know [people] expect a lot from Chelsea now.

“But now is the time to think about holidays”.


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Speaking after the defeat against Arsenal in the FA Cup final Chelsea star Diego Costa dismissed China’s move speculations revealing the only club he would leave the Blues for, and it’s not Chinese:

“I will only leave Chelsea for Atletico. If not, I will stay here,The Daily Telegraph quote Costa as saying after Chelsea’s FA Cup final defeat to Arsenal on Saturday.

“I’m not interested in other clubs. I know Chelsea wants to sell players, but I told them, I have two years left in my contract and I won’t go somewhere else just because they want so.

“I will only sign for another club in Europe, they know that. Otherwise I’ll stay with my current contract. I have a contract and no intention of leaving, but if there are changes to be made that might reduce my chances, if the coach won’t count on me anymore or is to give space to another striker, I know that I’ll have to leave. But only to where I’m willing to.

“Everyone knows what my preferred club is, there’s nothing to hide. Money is good, but I’m grateful for what I have right now and I have other things to look forward to, like playing the next World Cup. I know that I have a chance to be called if I’m playing well and at a high level, that’s something I want.

“If I have to move to another City or another country than Spain, I don’t think I’ll go, I’d rather stay at Chelsea. If the club wants to sell me, they know where I want to go.”

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Antonio Conte spoke again about his future in today’s press conference, claiming that he wants to keep the focus on the present to reach the title but also stressing that he’s under contract with Chelsea for two more years:

I” have a contract with Chelsea for other 2 years,” the Italian manager said about his future.

“it’s logical when you start the work in a new club, the will is to continue to work, to develop it in the years, my will is to stay. But not we have to look at this moment, it’s important we are ready to do this step.”

Rumours suggesting Conte will join Inter in the summer refuse to go away but the Blues boss insisted he has a project to work on at Stamford Bridge:

“I have a two years contract with Chelsea, but also I like to repeat in this moment, for me and my players, to be focused on the moment, because this moment it’s very important. This is the right thing in this moment. It’s not normal to have a lot of speculations, but we have not to lose the concentration, the focus, because it’s really important.

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte spoke ahead of the Blues clash at Bournemouth, a crucial game in this season title race.
First of all, an injury update, with Victor Moses that seems recovered after missing the last two games for an injury:
“Moses he trained with us yesterday and today, I have to check the situation to value, he is available.”
Speaking about tomorrow’s clash, the Italian coach said:
“Tomorrow for us is a great challenge, because it was not easy to play against Man City, a big game, and then [we must] play three days after in Bournemouth. I think we must pay great attention, if we think tomorrow is easy, we make a great mistake.
Conte was asked also about Nathan Ake, who played the first half of the season on loan to the Cherries and then came back to Stamford Bridge in January, barely getting playing time:
“I think this was the right decision because for us it’s important to have him in our squad, it’s important to check our players, we thought to stay in the squad he had the chance to show me and the club his capacities. It’s not easy when you arrive and you have ahead of you you got five really good central defenders. It’s right to give him this chance.
About the continuous rumours coming from Italy of a move to Inter for him next season, he said:
“I read this interview about Andrea Pastorello, not Federico Pastorello, I don’t know him and I don’t know why this person spoke for me, I stay here and this is the most important thing. I don’t like when another person speaks for me. I have two more years of contract with Chelsea.
“I don’t know why they link me to Inter, for the media it’s normal to put me in this situation, maybe they want me back in Italy.”
Steve Holland will leave Chelsea at the end of this season to join Gareth Southgate in England staff: rumours suggested that Italian football legend Andrea Pirlo could replace him, but Conte stated:
“In this period I am listening a lot of things. Andrea Pirlo is playing and he wants to continue to play. I don’t know why there are all these rumours, but I want to focus on the present, it’s more important than future now, I want to finish this season, hoping it will be a great season, not a good season.”
Speaking again of tomorrow’s clash, he said:
“First of all I think it’s important to get the 3 points and to reach our target, when we started the season our first target was to be back in Champions League. Chelsea must play there every season. We are talking with the club to try to have the best solutions for next season, but this one now it’s more important, we want to finish well, it has to become a great season, not just a good season.
It was rumoured that something happened between the two coaching staffs in the Stamford Bridge tunnel at the end of the Manchester City match last night, this is how Antonio Conte commented it:
“I didn’t see anything in the tunnel at the end of City’s game, I was in the changing room. It’s not important what happened in the tunnel, but what happened on the pitch, it was a great game.
“Respect is always important, it’s the most important thing in football, there is a winner, there is a loser, but both have to show respect for each other.”
Ex Chelsea and Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri visited Cobham yesterday:
Claudio is a good friend and I was very pleased to see him in Cobham yesterday, we stayed together, we chatted. Of course I asked him something about last season, I hope to see him again this season.
“We’ve spoken about our experiences in England, his and mine, about the different way to train in England and Italy, He is a good friend and I wish for him the best in the future. I think he deserves another job, he’s ready to take it.
“Ranieri my next assistant manager? He is a top manager, I can become his assistant…He is a top manager, top coach, I wish for him the best, I hope he finds a new job.
Asked if it would be an advantage to play tomorrow already knowing Tottenham’s result, he said:
“I don’t think it’s an advantage because you always have pressure if they win, but even if they lose or draw the pressure it’s the same. I think we have to look to ourselves, not the others, Spurs results are important but ours are more important.
This title race is open, now I can see two teams, Chelsea and Spurs, in this race, anything can happen because there are 24 points and other rivals can enter the race again.”
Speaking about the importance of some players in his team, he said:
Eden Hazard and Diego Costa are very important players for us, that’s sure, but I count on the team and we have very good players in the team.
Conte was also asked if Moses’ absence in the last two games changed something in the team balance:
“He showed to be an important player for us, but in the last two games we showed we can play also without him, we showed in the past we can play without any other important players. We are a team, we cannot rely on single players, because then if you miss them you are in trouble, a team must be ready to find the right solution, also when important players are missing.
I am pleased when other players come in and perform well, it means that every single player got our idea of football. I train all my 20 players in the same way, players must be reliable to play in this way. Zouma played a great game, he showed great commitment and to have understood our idea of football.”

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Real Madrid star Alvaro Morata and Chelsea manager Antonio Conte didn’t crossed their paths at Juventus for a couple of days when, back in summer 2014, the Spanish striker signed for the Bianconeri just a few days after the current Chelsea coach left in the middle of the pre-season for some misunderstandings with the board.

After improving his playing in the two years spent in Italy, where he scored 27 goals in 93 appearances, Morata joined Real Madrid back last summer.

The Spaniard was often linked to Chelsea but, as Spanish outlet AS reports, he dismissed those speculations adding a malicious comment on the current Blues manager:

“If Conte is continuing to call me then it will be my old mobile phone because nothing has come to me.

“He won’t have my new number.”

The 24-year-old also claimed he is in a good situation in the Spanish capital now:

“I feel good at Real Madrid and that is the important thing. I’m getting goals, I feel important and I have to keep it that way.

“I cannot think about next season when we have the most important and hardest part of this season in front of us now.

“The most important thing is that we have won against Leganes. Now we have a difficult schedule and have to win everything possible. That is what we are here for.”


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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte spoke after the game against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

“We played against the strongest team in Premier League, – the Italian manager said – A team with an important idea of football”.

“We bounced back from our last undeserved defeat against Crystal Palace and now it’s important to rest because we have to play another game [at Bournemouth] in three days”.

Tottenham won an incredible game against Swansea with a late turnaround from 1-0 to 1-3.

“Tottenham showed today that they can win every game and then we need to earn at least 18 points to be sure of the title”.

Then Antonio Conte has confirmed he’ll stay at Chelsea next season: “I don’t like when someone else speaks for me, now we are fighting gritting our teeth to win the title, then we will try to build something important in view of next season”.

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte revealed that the last one wasn’t an easy week for the Blues, that couldn’t have a full squad available for the derby against Crystal Palace tomorrow:

“We got two-three situations that we have to value tomorrow. This week wasn’t easy to work, with the international break, some players came back with some problems, I have two-three situations to value.

“I think is important to check the situation with these players, John [Terry] is good, he trained all the week, for some others is important to value the situation.”

About rumours of Eden Hazard moving to Real Madrid, he said:

“I repeat the same thing, now it’s important to be focused on the present,  we don’t have to look too far forward, Eden is our player, we aee happy with him, he’s happy with us, I don’t see problems about him.

“I think that this is a part of our game, that other people report these rumours to influence player’s minds, but I think we have experience, also my players got experience, it’s logical in this part of the season rumours about our players start, I am very happy because it means we are doing a great job and my players are doing very well.

“I don’t see any problem about our players, we all know we are in a great club with great ambition, there is a great will to do great things in the future, don’t forget there are some games to play, we hope to finish the season with great success for us.

“I think it’s positive, when another top team wants your players it means you are doing a very good job, but I repeat, I think that now we are already in a great club, with great ambition, they want to do something important, for the present and the future, I think we just started our path.”

About the title race and common opinion that Chelsea will be champions, he stated:

“In my past I lived two different experiences, one positive and another one negative, we need 21 points to be champions, tomorrow we will play a very tough game for us, it’s not easy [to play]after international break, we had a lot of problems this week, tomorrow it will be a very difficult game for us, for many reasons. Palace will a game of fundamental importance for us.

“Football is strange, it’s full of surprise, in my experience as a footballer I won a lot but I think I lost more, for this reason I want to keep our feet on the ground, also because in this part of the season there are many difficulties to overcome the problems. I think we deserve to win, but for sure our opponents don’t want to accept that Chelsea are champions, I think it’s important to get three points tomorrow.”

About Eden Hazard’s form, Conte said:

“I don’t think it’s important to talk about him, it’s important to speak about this game, that is crucial, he missed last game with Stoke and we have to check his form, we hope he’s in shape tomorrow, so he can play great football. I’m confident not only he will play, but he will play really good.”

About John Terry’s future, the Chelsea manager said:

“I think the club is working very well to solve many situations we have to face, I like to talk about John Terry for this season because he’s helping me a lot, he’s doing a great job, in and out the pitch.

“I think John knows my thought about him and I think the most important thing is that him knows my thought.”

Conte was asked an opinion about Crystal Palace boss Sam Allardyce:

“I met him in my travel in England [when he was Italy’s coach] and I stayed with him two days in West Ham training ground. I think he’s a top coach, for sure it’s a pity he was sacked from the national team after only one game, I know how is that, it’s a great feeling. For sure it will be good for me to meet him before and after the game tomorrow.”

Finally, an opinion on Crystal Palace:

“I remember very well the game against Crystal Palace back in December, I think we deserved to win but we suffered. They got really good players, like Benteke, Zaha, Townsend, Cabaye...a lot of great players. I don’t know why they are in this position, it’s very strange, but it can happen, last season happened to Chelsea, for example.

“We have to pay great attention, in the last three games they won and in the last three games they are sixth, so we have to pay attention, we are coming from international break and we got a lot of problems this week.”


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During his press conference to preview West Ham clash on Monday night Chelsea boss Antonio Conte was immediately asked if there is something true in past days’ rumours that were linking him to Inter:

“I think my situation is very clear, I got a contract with Chelsea,” the Italia manager said.

“We’re trying to build something important with the club, for the present and for the future.

“Offers from Inter? No, to me personally, no.

Asked if he is home-sick, since his family is still living in Italy, Conte answered:

“The only problem for me this season is that my family is missing me, because they stay in Italy, I am working to bring them here in the future and to stay together. They miss me, it’s the truth.

Focusing on the derby against Hammers, Conte admitted it won’t be easy to go back home with three points:

“I hope it will be a different game from the EFL Cup’s one, we hope to have a different game and get the 3 points, it won’t be easy, it’s a derby, against West Ham.

“We have to be very determined and focused to get a good result. For sure it will be a tough game, also because we will know the results of the other teams, there could be pressure, that could positive or negative pressure, but we are ready to play this game and do better.

Conte was also asked if he got a special plan to stop West Ham striker Andy Carroll, probably the best header in the Premier League:

“For sure he’s a really good player, very strong physically, we must pay attention to him and to the whole West Ham squad, [ because] in the EFL Cup they beat us. We have different solutions to limit the strength of the opponents. It’s important to play with high intensity, they got different dangerous players, so we have to play very well.

The Italian coach was also asked about Michy Batshuayi’s future: the Belgian striker doesn’t really seem to fit in his plans this season:

“I like to repeat that the most important thing is the present, to live in the present, to work. Now he’s working very well for us, he must continue to work and then everything can happen.

Conte reveals he had just a little injury concern for Monday night’s game:

“Injuries? Nothing important apart from a little problem for Eden Hazard, but nothing serious, the rest of the team is fit and we are working very well. He got a kick, nothing serious.

Regarding again his future at Chelsea, he said:

“Every coach, when start to work with a new club, wants to stay many years, because it means you are working very well. I think this season we are doing this, we are putting a great foundation down for the present but also for the future. There are a lot of players that won a lot in other teams and then changed. It’s normal, for every coach, to hope to stay many years.

“We must be ready for all, look at what happened to Ranieri, I hope to win a lot with this club.

“The [football] history tells this, but I am not worried about this, I want to work very hard and I trust my work a lot. I want to try to do something important also in this season because we are in the right position and we have the possibility to win in this way.

About Moses’ improvement under him this season and the new deal the Nigerian winger signed on Wednesday he said:

“First of all it’s right to say that Moses deserved a new contract, he’s a really good guy, a great player, with good technique and will to fight. I was very clear to him already in the pre-season, telling to him that I wanted him to stay here all season, I am pleased for him, he deserved this.


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