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A victory in the UCL Quarter Finals against Barcelona could have been the spark in a poor 2017/18 campaign so far

Chelsea suffered a disappointing defeat today as Tottenham Hotspur came from behind securing a 1-3 win, which means that Blues’ unbeaten run in London derbies at Stamford Bridge came to an end after 28 years.

We understand Antonio Conte, as well as his staff and in wider terms Chelsea’s backroom, are aware that something could change shortly. Following today’s loss to Spurs at home, Conte’s position as Chelsea manager has been subject of reflections from the club. We also understand next clash against West Ham at Stamford Bridge could be crucial as hopes for a Champions League spot are slowly fading.

Could it be the last straw of Antonio Conte’s Premier League adventure, which started precisely at home against the Hammers in August 2016?


Conte told journalists speaking after the game: “No, I’m not worried, honestly. I think that I’m giving everything this season, as well as my players. We are working very hard to try to have a good season, but I think that, in the end, we are deserving this season. It means that our value is this”.

“I repeat: my task is to work, to work and I know I work 24 hours for Chelsea. Me and my staff. This is our task. Then the club has to take the decision. But, I repeat, I’m not worried about this”.

A victory in the UEFA Champions League second-leg against Barcelona could likely have been the spark in a poor 2017/18 campaign so far.

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Chelsea‘s run for a place in the next UEFA Champions League group stages gets harder as the current Premier League champions conceded the 9th defeat of season today.

And Tottenham had not won a single away game at Stamford Bridge since 1990, when Gary Lineker’s late goal secured a 1-2 win against the Blues, newly-promoted Chelsea (they finished the campaign in 5th position).

London rivals Tottenham Hotspur were brilliant and dominant in completing a massive comeback after Alvaro Morata‘s opener in the 30th minute and Chelsea remain 5th on the league table with 56 points, 8 behind the Spurs.

Some reports also suggested Antonio Conte could be on the brink following the poor performances and results with Chelsea. However, we’ll be hearing from the boss very soon.

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Nine managers in the last ten years: Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich has not many problems when it comes to firing a Blues coach who isn’t getting good results.

A lot of people don’t like this attitude by the Russian oligarch, but now Chelsea legend Didier Drogba now defends his former boss.

Everyone says Chelsea isn’t very stable. But in modern-day football, there is no coach who lasts more than three or four years at a club,” Drogba told RMC. – “I asked Abramovich: ‘We have had how many managers in how many seasons?’ He replied: ‘But Didier, each time I have done it, we have got results.’ When the managers come in they have carte blanche at the club. They do what they want. Having said that, I don’t see the relationship with the chairman on a daily basis. But you can’t get into a conflict with your boss. If that’s the case, it’s that you want to leave.”

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Former Red Devil Gary Neville slams Chelsea directors and managers over Nemanja Matic‘s move to Manchester United.

The Serbian midfielder is establishing himself at Old Trafford, being a real key-man for José Mourinho side in this first part of the season.

Matic moved from Stamford Bridge in a £ 35m move last summer but according to Neville this was a huge mistake:

“What’s gone wrong for Chelsea? One word. Matic,” Neville said on BBC Five Live after the Blues were defeated 3-0 in Rome yesterday.

“It’s as simple as that. The minute they sold Nemanja Matic was a mistake.

“When you had Matic sat in front of you, alongside N’Golo Kante, there was protection. Whoever made that decision needs sacking. That is one of the poorest decisions I have ever seen in the Premier League.

“If you ask any of those Chelsea players who they would want back, they would say Matic. Chelsea replaced him with someone who is going to do the same job, Bakayoko is not that player, he is not a holding midfield player.

“They didn’t replace Matic. I wouldn’t have let him out of the building, I would have chained him to the training ground walls.”


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After the important Premier League win on Saturday at Stamford Bridge vs Watford,  Thibaut Courtois admits this was the first step to avoid Antonio Conte will suffer the same “fate” as José Mourinho who was sacked by Chelsea few months after winning the Premier League title.

We are ready to fight for the coach,” – Courtois told the Evening Standard .  – I remember what happened two years ago under Jose Mourinho and things started to be said, there were stories about the dressing room without knowing what was happening. In 2015 we wanted to fight as well but the game didn’t turn out well for us, there was too much bad luck. Sometimes different things happened. But we are showing we want to fight again now, firstly as a group of players. We want to win games. Some of us remember what happened two years ago and we don’t want the same thing to happen.”

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Speaking to ESPN Chelsea legend Frank Lampard analysed the situation of the Blues, claiming that the squad need a revamp.

Lampard is sure Chelsea will come back to be a great team and he studied them when he watched some games at the stadium in the past month:

“From seeing some of the games I saw when I was back in England over the Christmas period, I think they need a new injection around the team.

“And it’s strange because a year ago, you’re thinking, ‘They’ve got a great squad and if they add to it they can really go.’ Now you’re thinking, ‘They need to revamp, to change some players.’ I think that will happen in the summer. I think there will be three or four or five players and positions in the team that change around.

“We’re not used to it [seeing Chelsea in 14th spot of the table]. I was really fortunate to be part of a really good era. A bad season was like second, third, or fourth at the most, so I think it’s shocking.”

Lampard also expressed his opinion on Mourinho’s sacking:

“I think it was a difficult call. It’s not easy to say whether it was the right or wrong solution until you look back and how it goes in the future, the next two or three years. Nobody was happy at Chelsea. The players wouldn’t have been happy with its position. Jose Mourinho himself wouldn’t have been.

“Sometimes that means a change. Chelsea are very used to change, but what they’ve always had is results, so I’d like to see them get back to the top half of the table very soon.”

“I think the club will come back. They’re a huge club and there’s obviously been issues there. You see that when they fire the manager who won the league six months before. I know a lot of people at the club. They will come back.”

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Romelu Lukaku revealed that was not José Mourinho to force him to leave Chelsea last season, but it was just HIS decision.

“Choices were made by me. By me. Not by them,” claimed the Everton striker, that already netted 16 goals in this season so far.

“Everyone says it is Mourinho’s fault but it is not his fault because I made the decision. I went to his office to ask if I could go. He was the first one to say: ‘Good luck.’

“I signed the deal with Everton at 11 o’clock and the first text message I got on my old BlackBerry was from Mourinho saying: ‘Good luck, do your best and I will see you next season.’ He was the first. Nobody knows that and that is why for me he gets immense respect. It is really sad he has to go. He is a great character and a great man. Even though there were words said in the media, I never looked at it because I know what he did and not a lot of managers would do that.”

Lukaku also said that he was really surprised by Mourinho’s sacking: “It’s hard, it’s tough. Seven months ago, they won the Premier League by playing some wonderful football. It’s mad, mad. When I heard the news I thought: ‘Wow.’ That was the only thing I could say.”

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Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil worked for three years with ex Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid and impressed under his management: he two were getting along very well and got a huge mutual respect.

So no surprise that the German star came out to support his former coach after the sacking from Chelsea:

“I’m surprised by what happened with Jose,” he told The Times.

He’s a great manager. I believe that any club he goes to now he will be successful again.

“I know how special he is as a manager. He is a manager who always supports his team and always protects his team. He’s getting the best out of any player. I wish him all the best for the future, and also that he’s healthy and fine.


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Hiddink greeting a member of medical department © Francesca Ceciarini

After the win with Sunderland unused Chelsea subs where training on Stamford Bridge pitch under the vision of technical and medical staff when they received the “visit” of new Blues interim manager Guus Hiddink, legend Didier Drogba and owner Roman Abramovich.

Here is our exclusive gallery of the moment.

Please note that ALL the pictures are © Francesca Ceciarini, every abuse will prosecuted.

CHELSEA v SUNDERLAND  - Premier League 2015/2016 CHELSEA v SUNDERLAND  - Premier League 2015/2016 CHELSEA v SUNDERLAND  - Premier League 2015/2016 CHELSEA v SUNDERLAND  - Premier League 2015/2016 CHELSEA v SUNDERLAND  - Premier League 2015/2016 CHELSEA v SUNDERLAND  - Premier League 2015/2016

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Jose Mourinho
Ex Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Piers Morgan had his say on Mourinho’s sacking on the Mail Online.

The journalist, an Arsenal fan, states the sacking of the Special One is “the worst decision in football history”.

Let’s read some of the most significant parts.

His reaction to the news:

“Few things have ever been madder than Chelsea’s decision to sack Jose Mourinho – the single greatest football manager on Planet Earth, and arguably the greatest ever.

When the news broke at 2pm, I was lying on my sofa preparing for an appearance on tonight’s Question Time.

Within seconds, mainstream news bulletins and social media ditched all interest in the possible collapse of the European Union, the war on ISIS, and even Donald Trump.

THIS story was so big, so sensational, that like the man himself only top billing would suffice.

Everyone had a view on the downfall of the charismatic Portuguese coach with the silver hair and even more silver tongue.

All of it was extreme.

None of it was calm, measured or vaguely sensible.

Grown men either wept, howled, laughed dementedly, or did congas round their offices.

Even women with zero interest in the game itself mourned the loss of their Jose, the guy with the twinkling eyes, the sharp suits and a rakish smile to melt a thousand King’s Road ice queens.

My reaction?

Well, as an ardent Arsenal fan I should have been thrilled at the failure of a man who dubbed our own manager Arsene Wenger a ‘specialist in failure’.

But I wasn’t.

Instead, I was flabbergasted.

This is the single worst decision in the history of the sport.

Jose Mourinho isn’t just a winner. He’s THE winner of the modern game.

In just 12 years as a manager he’s won an astonishing 21 trophies.”

Critics to Chelsea FC:

Today, his reward for this unprecedented CV was to be unceremoniously sacked because he had a rough four months.

And whilst many will chuckle at the exit of football’s most brash, arrogant personality, the self-acclaimed ‘Special One’, I find it utterly preposterous.

Yes, Chelsea have had a bad season.

Yes, they’ve lost nine of their 16 League matches.

Yes, they’re languishing in 16th place, hovering in the relegation zone.

Yes, they’ve been a walking basket case on and off the pitch, ever since Mourinho screamed abuse at a female physio during a game.”

But this is still a manager who won Chelsea the Premier League title just SIX MONTHS AGO, for God’s sake!

What kind of insanity determines that a man with such a prolific record of success, who is in charge of the REIGNING CHAMPIONS, is thrown into the gutter after the first difficult patch he’s ever endured as manager?

To put this nonsensical decision into perspective, consider the status of the aforementioned Arsene Wenger, who hasn’t won the Premier League for 11 years and has never won the Champions League, but is widely lauded as an unsackable genius.

I don’t know what’s gone wrong at Chelsea, but I do know this: Jose Mourinho didn’t suddenly go from the best manager in the world to the worst.

Then Morgan goes on with an harsh critic on the players, to him the ones to blame instead of Mourinho:

“If you want to blame anyone for their disintegration, then why not start with the players? A more arrogant, haughty, over-paid bunch of spoiled prima donnas it would be hard to find in the annals of the game.

Each week, after more and more defeats, we’d read leaks from this group of under-performing reptiles informing us that it was all Mourinho’s fault.

He’d ‘lost the dressing room’ apparently.


Or could it be that many of these so-called superstars had lost their heart, their hunger, their bottle and their commitment?

Remember that these guys each get paid up to £200,000 a WEEK to kick a football.

The very least their fans might expect for that is that they give every game 100%.

But no, we even heard that certain players were feigning injuries because they refused to play under Mourinho.

Imagine the sheer , breathtaking audacity of that attitude?

No wonder he finally snapped and publicly berated the treacherous ‘rats’ in his midst.

Football managers who don’t win enough games for long periods of time deserve the sack.

But managers like Mourinho, whose win ratio is so stupendous that it dwarfs almost any of their rivals, have earned the right to more time and to more loyalty from their players.

Tonight, Chelsea announced his replacement until the end of the season is Dutchman Guus Hiddink – the manager who presided over Holland’s recent disastrous Euro 2016 campaign.

If he’s a better bet to revive the club than Mourinho, then I’m Darth Vader.

Football has been descending into the abyss of greed, corruption, selfishness and impatience for years now.

But it wasn’t until today that I genuinely shook my head in wonderment at how stupid it has become.

Shame on you Chelsea for what you’ve done to Jose Mourinho today.

And shame on all football fans who see his demise as something to celebrate.

He will be a massive loss to our League and we will all, whether we admit or not, miss him enormously as a personality.

As for Chelsea’s players, doubtless many of whom are popping open their Cristal tonight, I have one thought for them: isn’t it time managers were given the right to sack THEM when they persistently fail to play to the standards expected of them?

That might take the smug little smirks off their pampered little Ferrari-driving faces.”


Chelsea manager Antonio Conte spoke ahead of the upcoming Premier League game between the Blues and Burnley, who are showing brilliant football as 7th...