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Mourinho Van Gaal Old Trafford 2014
Mourinho and Van Gaal at Old Trafford in October 2014 © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea legend Pat Nevin soke to Newstalk’s Off The Ball and claimed that, in his opinion, ex Blues boss José Mourinho is desperate to get Manchester United job:

“I don’t know if Man United will take Mourinho,” he said.

“I would guess if I had to put my life on it, I’d say Mourinho would love to go to Manchester United, maybe now more than ever.

“I think Manchester United were worried about the problems Jose might bring beforehand [in 2013] but now…”

Nevin also stated that Mourinho could have some issues with those players who are signed by Van Gaal and are into his style of playing:

“You look at the Man United team, he’d have a problem coming in.

“Anyone would have a problem coming in. A number of them are Louis Van Gaal‘s guys. Some of them might not show up.”

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According to Italian media there is no chance Chelsea can sign Juventus star Paul Pogba in this transfer window. 

Two days ago we exclusively reported that the French midfielder won’t move from Turin, after a source in his entourage confirmed it speaking to us.

Now, the confirmation comes also from many Italian media, including Gazzetta dello Sport: the Italian paper got confirmation from Juventus that the player will stay at the club managed by [Massimiliano] Allegri for at least another year, having rejected offers also from Barcelona and Manchester City previously in the summer.

Chelsea’s interest was really huge in the last week and the Blues offered £40m and Oscar to sign Pogba, but the Brazilian rejected the destination and so the deal was off.

British media insisted that Chelsea would make an unbelievable offer ( £83m, but some media also reported a possible £100m bid) to take him to Stamford Bridge but all these rumours were dismissed first by our source then by Juventus themselves, that leaked out to Italian media the fact that Pogba won’t move from the champions of Italy.

Allegri and the club consider Paul very important for the team and it’s understood that Juventus would reject even a £130m monster bid, since they want to build a winning team around him.

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abdennour monaco

Another Chelsea target to revamp the defense has gone: in fact, Valencia signed from Monaco Tunisian defender Aymen Abdennour, who was in the Blues radar after the club gave up on Everton John Stones’ signing.

Abdennour, 26, signed a five-year contract with Valencia, the deal’s fee is undisclosed.

I chose Valencia CF out of all the offers I received, because it is a big club in Spain and Europe,” Abdennour said speaking to the club official website just after signing for them.

I had no doubts. I am happy to be here and to be part of an ambitious and serious project, and I would like to thank the technical staff, Lay Hoon and Peter Lim“.


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kenedy chelsea

One of the positive notes of today’s clash with Crystal Palace was Brazilian wonderkid Kenedy’s debut: the new Chelsea signing impressed everyone when he entered the pitch, especially for his personality.

Kenedy even went very close to score with a great shot from outside the box.

Here is the video of stunning performance by YouTube user WaelCFC:

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cuadrado chelsea
Cuadrado when he joined Chelsea...only seven months ago!

On the day of his presentation as a new Juventus player Juan Cuadrado tried to explain what went wrong in his, short, experience at Chelsea but the truth is…he doesn’t know!

What went wrong? The truth is, I don’t know. I was always professional and I always trained very well. I didn’t play as much as I wanted, but I was always ready. Only Mourinho knows why I had not enough playing time.

Moving to Juventus was the best choice for me and I hope to give my best, and give everything for this shirt. It’s a new challenge for me. I’ve always been training, even if I wasn’t playing, and I always train with playing in mind.

This is a great move for me.

Juve travel to title rivals Roma this weekend and Cuadrado is ready to play if coach Massimiliano Allegri will need him:

I hope I get the opportunity to get on the pitch on Sunday, it would be a pleasure for me.

There’s plenty of competition for places here, I’ll need to stay on my toes and be ready“.

The Colombian player will stay on loan to Juventus for the whole season.


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kenedy chelsea

Chelsea recently signed one of the new Brazilian wonderkid, Kenedy, who joined the champions of England squad after a positive pre-season with the team, where he also impressed in a friendly game against Barcelona.

The Blues were able to get him a work permit and sign him from Brazilian side Fluminense: now Kenedy is officially part of Chelsea squad and he got shirt number 16.

Chelsea official website interviewed him so people can know him better:

Hi Kenedy, welcome to the club. How does it feel to be a Chelsea player?

Thank you very much. I’m very excited and delighted to be part of one of the biggest clubs in European football and I’m extremely happy with the way everybody at the club has welcomed me.

You played the first 45 minutes against Barcelona during pre-season having been given permission by Fluminense to take part – what do you remember about that game?

It was a great experience for a young player like myself to be able to play against one of the best teams in the world. I was very happy with my performance and pleased with the way in which my team-mates did everything they could to help me in the game.

Can you tell us about your background and how you became a professional footballer?

I started out playing football in my hometown as a kid and then went to Rio De Janeiro where I played for Vasco da Gama. After that I joined Atletico Mineiro before moving to Fluminense, a club which is very well known for their academy, not just in Brazil but worldwide. They produce a lot of talented players. I managed to accomplish my objective there, which was to become a professional, and I played at Fluminense until I completed the move to Chelsea.

Robert Kenedy (full name Robert Kenedy Nunes do Nascimento) isn’t a traditional South American name. Is there a story behind it?

Yes, there is. My mum, dad and sister were watching football at home one day and my sister is a big Corinthians fan. They had a player at the time called Robert who scored a great goal in the game. She was so happy at the time she started crying and so my parents named me Robert after him. The ‘Kenedy’ comes from the former American president, my mum picked that part of my name.

Tell us a bit about the type of player you are and what you can bring to the squad…

I’m an attacker, I like to play on the right-hand side and I’m a player that works a lot for the team. I always try to play with the best interests of the team at heart.

What caught the eye in the Barcelona game wasn’t just your ability in the final third, but also the way you carried out your defensive duties. Is that an area of your game you’ve always tried to work on?

It’s something I’ve always tried to do but obviously it depends on the circumstances of each game. I don’t just attack, I have to go back and help out defensively as well, making sure that the opposition left-back is covered. It’s something I try to do on a regular basis.

How did you find the pre-season tour overall? How did training differ to what you’ve experienced in the past?

The tour was a brilliant experience for me, very enjoyable. It gave me an opportunity to meet the players and, as far as the training goes, it was very different. The things we do in training here I’ve never done before and you don’t even see some of the drills in Brazil. I need to focus, keep learning and take something new from each session every day.

We have plenty of Brazilians at the club, did that make it easier for you to adjust?

With all of the Brazilians being here it’s a big help for me because they talk to me a lot and tell me what the manager wants and how to train. It’s not only on the pitch, but off the pitch and within the club that they’ve been very helpful.

Did you know any of them previously?

No I didn’t, I only knew them from playing as them on my Playstation (laughs). I used to play as them on my game and now I’m running and working with them every day, so it makes me really happy.

Did you come across any of our former players during your time at Fluminense?

Yes, Deco was at Fluminense when I got to train with the first team. As a kid growing up he was one of my idols, so I was very honoured to have the opportunity to play with him.

What are your targets for this season?

My objectives are just to be involved as much as possible, help the team and win some trophies.


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Cesar Azpilicueta Pedro Chelsea

Cesar Azpilicueta scored yesterday the goal that, at the end of the game, brought the first three points of the season to Chelsea, his first goal in the Premier League.

The Spanish defender was obviously satisfied after the game and also spoke about the latest additions to the Blues squad, Baba Rahman and Pedro, his Spanish fellow-mate was also the man of the match:

Their arrival will help everybody. We will have more competition and that can only benefit the club.

“I know Pedro very well and knew he would fit very well in the team. I know his ambition, he is hungry to help the team and to get trophies. But to start like that in his first game is amazing.

“Pedro is a top player. He played for Barcelona for many years and will fit into the Premier League and our team. He knows a few of the players already and I think he is going to do a really good job.

“He has trained with us for only one week. He has just played his first Premier League game and has already scored. So I’m sure he will get better.”

Azpilicueta continued: “He doesn’t need any advice from me. He has won the World Cup, the European Championships and three Champions Leagues. He has all the experience. 

“Of course there are a few details about playing in England, there are a few differences like the pace and how the opposition always push until the end, especially when they are losing. There is not much to say to him, honestly. He scores goals, he does everything!”

The left back was also asked if the new arrivals felt like a warning to the squad and he claimed: “We know in football you can’t rely on what you did in the past, you have to prove yourself every day. 

“We won the League last season, but we have to show in every game and every day in training that we are ready to perform in every game.”

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memphis depay
New Manchester United signing Memphis Depay impressed everyone when last week scored a wonderful brace and served an assist against Club Brugge in the Champions League playoffs.

And from Belgium, like Club Brugge, comes Chelsea star Eden Hazard, that gave his opinion on the Dutch talent:

He’s very good, he’s still young. I saw the game against Brugge, he scored two fantastic goals.


“I hope for him [that he fullfils his potential], but not for Chelsea.”

Hazard was then asked if Memphis could reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Hazard himself, he said: “I don’t know. We will see. He’s very good, has a lot of potential.

“If he scores goals and wins titles, why not?”.


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Willian © Francesca Ceciarini

Two years ago Willian signed for Chelsea and the club official website celebrates this anniversary with an interview.

The players was on his way to Spurs, but suddenly Chelsea hijacked the move:

When the offer came I never gave a thought to anybody else, I said to myself that I would run here, and I’m happy to be here now.

Willian thinks he improved in this two years:

I think I am more confident,” is his rapid answer he gives to Chelsea website.

I know the players now and when we come to the pitch, we know what we have to do, so I think I have more confidence.

The two years have gone very quick and for me it has been good. I adapted well and in two years, two trophies, and I hope to win more titles this year.

That is what I want, I want to be at the top, so I have to keep going and that is the way.

“There were no doubts for me. Always I wanted to come to Chelsea and when I arrived here I was happy – myself, my family, everything.

I love this club and I love to play here.

In the 2013 interview Willian revealed Jose Mourinho’s words to him when he joined the squad.

The manager welcomed me to the club and told me he was happy that I was here. He told me to work hard. He said we have a very strong team but when you work hard there are rewards.

Willian worked really hard in these two years and last campaign he did 49 appearances: only Eden Hazard did better and in 2013/14 the Brazilian played 42 games.

Many people hinted that with Pedro’s arrival there was no place for Willian in Chelsea squad and that he could leave but in his pre-match conference on Friday, Mourinho made it quite clear that the move has no impact on Willian’s future at the club.

When I came I said to myself I have to work a lot, I have to try to do my best in training and in the games, so after that I improve. I am improving a lot and I play so many games. Now I have more experience in the best league in the world for me, and every game is hard, so to play here you have to work hard and improve yourself.

For me it is no problem to play in the middle or on the left side or the right side. I want to help the team, and always when I was a young player in Brazil at Corinthians and when I play in Shakhtar, I took the set plays, so for me no problem either, I like to do that.

Willian was also one of Brazil’s most important players in the Copa America in the summer, especially after Neymar’s suspension:

“I am happy about that and I feel good. My confidence goes up and I play good on the pitch. I try to do skills and to shoot and score goals and I want to do more.

Willian was then asked to choose his favourite memory from his time at Chelsea so far, other than the days when the league and the Capital One Cup were won, he goes back to his first season and a home Champions League night.

When we played against PSG and we win 2-0 at home and in the last minutes of the game Demba Ba scored. At this moment the atmosphere in the stadium was so amazing and this was a great day.

Throughout these two years at Chelsea fans often sang ‘Willian, he saw the light’ song during the matches. It is one of the most constantly sung and clearly isn’t fading away.

They are not forgetting about this situation and the song is a very good song.It is good for me and I think they have to continue.


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