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Nicolas Plestan, a former Hazard team-mate at Lille, told French TV he gave the Belgian star a slap during a training session.

“Eden Hazard was training with both our senior squad and the Under-21s,” Plestan said – “He used to criticise us when he dropped down into the junior side. One morning he turned up and shook my hand. I told him: ‘Why are you shaking my hand when you slag me off behind my back?’ He just sucked his teeth by way of reply, so I gave him a slap. I am not proud of it, but I don’t regret doing it. It is part of dressing-room life, and there was a lack of dressing-room spirit on his part”.

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Also Arsenal legend Martin Keown gave his opinion on Diego Costa’s incident with Koscielny and Gabriel in the last derby at Stamford Bridge:

Costa has a black belt in the dark arts. He plays his opponents as much as he plays the match, constantly trying to draw a reaction from and bully defenders,” Keown told the Daily Mail.

He’s on the edge but he plays that game perfectly, testing defenders each week. Who is brave enough to take me on? Who wants to tango?

The clever thing about Costa’s approach is that he has worked out more or less where the line is with regards to getting sent off.

He slaps rather than throws punches, he flails his arms rather than elbows and he winds people up with words.

He also puts his head in his opponent’s face because he knows they won’t like it. There’s the apparent scratching too as we saw on Gabriel’s neck. He just wants that reaction, to get an opponent sent off. It worked against Arsenal.

The way Costa went about it leaves a really sour taste in the mouth. He won’t care. In fact, he will probably have got a pat on the back from Jose Mourinho after the game and a wink of appreciation from his teammates.”


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