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Chelsea left back Baba Rahman gave an interview in which he talked about his childhood fascination with football and his opinion about his technique and skills.

Rahman gave an interview to Chelsea official website to speak about this :

How old were you when you first started kicking a ball around?

My Mum told me that when I first set eyes on a football and started kicking one was when I started walking, so maybe one-and-a-half or two years old.

How old were you when you first mastered keepy-uppies?

I think I was eight or nine years old. At that time I could about 10.

How did you play football for the first time?

My first experiences were playing street soccer back in Ghana. There was loads of people playing, probably 30 or 40 running after one ball. We didn’t have boots, it was tough conditions but always fun.

What skills did you work on as a child?

When I was young I watched a lot of soccer skills which I tried to learn to do with the ball. I loved watching Brazilian skills, samba skills.

What is the best piece of skill or technique you have seen in a match?

I think it’s particularly awesome when somebody makes a perfect long pass from one end of the pitch to the other. People don’t praise them enough.

Are there any other pieces of skill you think are underrated?

Just going past a player. I don’t think people talk about that enough. Also tackling is a great skill.

What is the best piece of skill you have done in a match?

Stepovers. That is what I can do the best.

Who is the most skilful player outside of Chelsea you have played with or against?

Probably Frank Ribery at Bayern Munich. Him and Arjen Robben were hard to play against.


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