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Premier League have revealed the amount of money paid to football agents between October 2014 and September 2015.The team from Stamford Bridge took fourth place in the ranking.

The definition of an “agent”, as in rule A.1.9 of the Premier League Handbook, defines an agent as:

“any Person who qualifies as an Intermediary for the purposes of the FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries as they may be amended from time to time”.

Between the period of 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015 a total of £129.86million was spent by the 20 current Premier League clubs on agents.

Since June 2008 all English clubs are obliged to publish the total amount they paid to authorised agents in the specified time period ( which is the period 1 October of the previous year to 30 September of that year ) with the two transfer windows included.

AFC Bournemouth £2,328,862
Arsenal £11,928,584
Aston Villa £4,986,058
Chelsea £11,961,206
Crystal Palace £4,719,931
Everton £4,479,432
Leicester City £4,057,727
Liverpool £14,301,464
Manchester City £12,429,380
Manchester United £13,881,814
Newcastle United £5,946,031
Norwich City £2,484,285
Southampton £5,391,172
Stoke City £5,308,545
Sunderland £3,404,540
Swansea City £4,250,030
Tottenham Hotspur £5,987,052
Watford £1,620,229
West Bromwich Albion £3,342,217
West Ham United £7,049,001
Total £129,857,560

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is convinced that the consecutive victories of his team are the result of the hard work of all the players. Portuguese coach recalled the recent good results the team for confirmation of the rise in performance level of the Blues.

Mourinho told Chelsea’s official website:

”We started the season as a team that concedes more goals and now we lost in Stoke 1-0, we drew at Stoke in the Capital One Cup 1-1, we beat Norwich 1-0, Dynamo Kiev 2-1, so defensively as a team we had a significant improvement and also individually the defensive players had an improvement. The quality of our game improved a lot.”

”When the players are top, you want always more, you are never satisfied”

”We are never happy with the way we are playing. Even when we are playing very well there are always things to improve. We put ourselves in the position where the result became more important than anything.”

”In the Premier League the most important thing was to get better results. In the Champions League we have been always balanced, never an amazing position but never a position to scare us. Now the most important thing is to get results and with results the confidence is now coming. If you can develop better results, at the same time come better performances”

The Special One has also explained why he decided to replace Eden Hazard with Pedro:

”I had Pedro on the bench, and that is important”

”If I did not have Pedro on the bench then I don’t think I could improve on Hazard’s performance for the last 20 minutes of the match. But when I have Hazard with 90 minutes against Norwich on Saturday and 70 minutes against Maccabi on a pitch that doesn’t help, and I have Pedro fresh and I see the Maccabi right-back in trouble, tired and with cramps, I decided to give a hard time to him and bring Pedro on. I made the change because I had Pedro.”


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Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross has been given a year’s supply of deodorant following his side’s game against Chelsea.

Costa, who was kept relatively quiet by the Stoke captain throughout the 1-0 defeat last Saturday, gestured to Shawcross that his armpits stank after the pair clashed in the second half by pointing to his armpits and holding his nose.

After the match at the Britannia Stadium, Shawcross’ wife Kath tweeted a picture of the 28-year old holding a bottle of Dove deodorant, with the caption, “Made sure Ryan Shawcross put his deodorant on this evening.”

Shawcross, along with Potters manager Mark Hughes, attended a BBC Radio Stoke fan’s forum on Wednesday, where he was presented with 12 months’ worth of body spray.

“When Costa was concentrating on me and not the game, then the battle was won,” Shawcross told the forum.

“He is a top player and I was pleased to keep him quiet.”

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According to Nemanja Matic,Chelsea did not deserve to lose in Saturday’s game against Stoke. Despite successive defeat, Serbia international has joined in the support for his manager saying that Mourinho’s absence had no impact on Chelsea’s  performance.

Matic told Chelsea’s official website:

”We weren’t happy to lose this game”

”We deserved more, we had some good chances but we didn’t score and in the end we lost, but we have to think about the next game. This game is done and we have to keep our heads up and think about our future. We have to work hard.”

”It’s difficult. We are not used to being in this position in the table but this is football and this is life. Of course, it isn’t easy to be where we are now, but we have to work hard to try to win the next game and try to catch the teams above us.”

”We had a few meetings before we came here and we do the same before every game”

”We knew exactly what to do and this [the manager’s absence] is not the reason why we lost the game. We didn’t have the luck to score goals. The opportunities were there, but we didn’t score and this is the result, which we didn’t deserve”

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Chelsea midfielder Ramires again stressed that there is no doubt that in the near future Chelsea will improve their results. The Brazilian was downhearted after the 1-0 defeat to Stoke but despite this he still believes in his team.

Ramires told Chelsea’s official website:

”Another loss and our moment in the Premier League is not good, but we will try,”

”Today we deserved to win the game but we didn’t. Now the Premier League stops again.”

”The guys go to their national teams and we will work to come back and win.”

”We played very well, but we didn’t score and that is football. If you play well, but don’t score, then concede a goal, you lose the game.”

Asked about Mourinho’s absence:

”It was strange because always when we look to the bench, we can see the manager. Today he was not there, but we had Steve and Rui [assistant first-team coaches Steve Holland and Rui Faria] on the bench.”

”[At half-time] they spoke with us to keep the same work as we did in the first half, but we didn’t score and we didn’t win the game.”

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Diego Pablo Simeone

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone would cost Chelsea £25 million should they choose to replace Jose Mourinho with the Argentine. 

Reports in Spain and England suggest that Atletico Madrid, with whom Chelsea have done a lot of business in the past few years, are preparing to hear offers to buy out Simeone’s contract- roughly £15 million.

Should Chelsea pursue the man that knocked them out of the Champions League in 2014, it would cost them an extra £10 million in wages, however any move from the Spanish capital to the British may be troublesome as Simeone doesn’t speak English. German Burgos, his assistant, is reportedly learning the language ahead of a potential move to the Premiership in the summer.

Chelsea’s position is that Jose Mourinho’s job is safe despite their worst start to a season for a generation.

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According to Sky Sport sources, Chelsea could be punished for violating Premier League rules and not putting anyone up for interview in the post-match press conference.

Due to Jose Mourinho’s absence at Britannia Stadium, the Blues were expected to put a staff member for a post-match press conference but they refused to do so. Only Asmir Begovic spoke with the media, while no Chelsea representative faced the written media.

The rules of the Premier League say that teams are expected to put a staff member up for interview after a match. Now according to the Sky Sport sources, the league officials will write to the club and ask for their observations and then go to the board to deliver a verdict.

If Chelsea is found guilty, the club could face a fine.

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Chelsea striker Diego Costa © Francesca Ceciarini

It seems Chelsea’s relationship with referees is not the best this year, such as Mourinho’s “incidents” that led to his stadium ban,  and many controversial decisions going against the Blues.

Earlier today Chelsea were denied a clear penalty and Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross should have been sent off after intentionally elbowing Diego Costa in the neck.

Tonight, another absurd incident was added to this saga: a steward reported Chelsea striker Diego Costa to the referee Anthony Taylor for THIS episode you can see in the video.

Judge for yourself!


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According to Frank Lampard, Mourinho’s absence from the Chelsea bench did not have any impact on the Blues losing to Stoke 1-0.

Mourinho was handed an immediate one-match ban and a £40,000 fine for clashing with referee Jonathan Moss during half-time of the defeat at West Ham two weeks ago. In effect he was not allowed to take his place on the bench for today’s clash against Stoke City at Britannia Stadium.

But the Special One insisted that his absence would definitely not affect his players. After the match, club’s legend Frank Lampard said that also in his opinion Mourinho’s absence at the stadium had no effect on Chelsea’s defeat.

Lampard said:

‘You can try and make reasons, but it’s up to the players, they would have wanted to win for themselves foremost and also for the club and the manager”

”I don’t think we can put it on Mourinho not being there at all.”

”It’s disappointing from Chelsea’s point of view, they played well, but you have to give great credit to Stoke.”

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Stoke City manager Mark Hughes says that in his opinion Jose Mourinho does not deserve to be sacked. He is convinced that the Portuguese coach is the only person able to turn Chelsea’s fortunes around.

Hughes told the BBC:

”We are all been in that situation, you just have to keep winning so the focus goes elsewhere,”

“I have had similar situations and sometimes you go under.”

”Jose Mourinho has enormous credit at Chelsea, he has delivered trophies and surely people should cut him a little bit of slack.”

”I see no reason why they should make a change but there is always focus in the Premier League”

“We displayed great character today, all the qualities you need to compete against one of the best teams in Europe. They have world class players,”



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