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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard considers Nemanja Matic to Manchester United “strange”.

The former Blues midfielder was surprised to see the Serbian midfielder moving to Manchester United, with Chelsea providing a key player to a rival.

Lampard commented this move speaking to BT Sport:

It’s a strange one.

“I think he was such a huge part of Chelsea’s play last year. Kante and Matic were the base of the midfield and let the wing-backs fly on.

“Obviously Fabregas was a big player for them too and [with] Bakayoko, it remains to be seen if he can be that positional player Matic was.

“One of the frustrations is that, and I think Conte will want to bring in someone else in midfield.”


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Manchester United legend Gary Neville, now pundit for Sky Sports, admitted he still doesn’t understand Chelsea signing back David Luiz in the last transfer window:

“I would never have put those two together [Conte and Luiz]. It feels a little bit strange,” Neville said after Chelsea’s defeat to Liverpool.

“If I was to thinking of an analogy to describe it, I’d say probably me and Miss World.”

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Antonio Conte analysed this summer transfer window speaking ahead of the game against Burnley, claiming it’s very difficult to sign players because the fees went crazy and also because many clubs now decide not to sell players:

“This transfer market is very strange because when you want to buy a player the other teams don’t want to sell.

“Something is changing, not just for Chelsea but all the teams. Teams of a medium level now prefer to maintain the players and not sell.

“It’s good news for the English league because it’s tougher, but it’s not good for the teams who want to buy. This situation is for all the teams, not just in England or Spain. Something is changing, it’s very strange.

“We didn’t refuse to spend money for the right targets. I prefer to spend a lot of money on a great player, not a middle-level player. It’s important to be clear. Also, you must understand in England every team has money. Now we must solve the problem with work.”

Conte also explained why the fact Chelsea don’t take part to any European competition this season doesn’t have an impact on the club’s ability to sign top players:

“It’s logical players want to play in the Champions League but I think because of the Chelsea story it’s better to miss the Champions League for one season, a great player can still come.

“In the last 13 or 14 years, Chelsea always played Champions League and increased their fanbase all over the world, that shows we are a great club, not just in England. With a club like Chelsea you always come.”


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