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Thibaut Courtois praised Chelsea Italian coaches, thanks to whom, according to him, he improved his performances.

The Blues goalkeeper also revealed a strange practice that Atletico Madrid fitness coach Oscar Ezequiel Ortega used to monitor his hydration:

“He [Ortega] actually made us urinate in a bottle, to see if we were hydrated or not.’

“I am much stronger now, thanks to the Italian coaches at Chelsea, who have shown me new ways in which to play.

“They have influenced me just like their national goalkeepers, Gianluigi Buffon and Gianluigi Donnarumma“.

Courtois then added:

“I am hoping to win titles just like I have so far at Atletico and Chelsea. I would be happy to continue winning titles almost every season if I could.”

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher share his opinion about David Luiz‘s return to Chelsea:

“There is something about Luiz’s character that I like,” the ex England international said as Sky Sports pundit.

“I wouldn’t call him a leader as such but he is the kind of player who will make something happen or contribute a big moment. He is erratic but he has quality.

Conte’s reign has started without a blemish and now he has added cover to the one area of his squad that was most needed, I can only see them getting stronger. I just didn’t think it would happen with David Luiz.

“For a start, they have brought him back to England for a fee significantly less than the £50million they got from his sale to Paris Saint-Germain. At the same time, though, you have to ask why PSG were prepared to take an £18m hit after just two years.”

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Chelsea full-back Branislav Ivanovic has been talking about the upcoming season in Premier League.

He feels it will be the most difficult year to date, for every team.

New manager Antonio Conte has implemented a shape on the team and Ivanovic believes that it will help them improve on last season.

He feels that the Blues will be very attacking but also defensively strong.

“Every team after last season will need to struggle. After Leicester won, they then want to be better, to be a new surprise [but] the big teams are still good so it is going to be very exciting.

“Exactly [you can play well and come fifth] but you can also win it. I think, with the new shape, we can improve a lot and we will make our players much better and, if our players are much better and if our players are on top of their game, then we can go very high.

“I think it is true [that we will be more attacking] but, for me, I feel like we will be more defensively strong. I feel like that.”

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According to Arsene Wenger, when it comes to mental strength, Chelsea has the edge

Out of 12 games against Chelsea, Wenger’s side never won a single game, he said:

“Chelsea is a very strong side, I don’t deny that. What will be interesting is let’s get a new start and see where we stand next year. We feel we have made up some ground.

“That will be the challenge of next season from the start, let’s show we are there and capable to fight for it.” added the Frenchman

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