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Manchester United legend Gary Neville suggest his former team the way to stop Chelsea start Eden Hazard, who this season is back to top form

The Blues will visit Old Trafford in a crucial clash in their title pursuit tomorrow afternoon and the Belgian is, of course, the major threat for Mourinho‘s side:

I’m doing three things: I’m pulling my centre back very close to me, I’m pulling my right central midfield player very close to me and I’m pulling my right-sided wide player very close to me,” this is what Neville said speaking to Sky Sports, where he is a pundit now.

And then I’m asking one of them to have a tackle, then I’m coming in with a tackle and then the centre half’s coming in with a tackle (laughs). 

“It’s no different: Eden Hazard vs Gary Neville or Eden Hazard vs Valencia or Eden Hazard vs Rafael or Hazard vs Bellerin – you’re always going to be in trouble if you’re one on one with him four, five or six times in a match. 

“However, don’t be embarrassed to think that you need basically, collective grouping up on players when you’re playing against talented players. That’s how you will always deal with a world class player – is by having other players in close proximity to you to crowd him out, to snuff out danger, make him go deeper.

“Run him away the other way and make him go back – sometimes he doesn’t. 

 “So when Darren Fletcher played against Arsenal: when I’d go forward, he’d come across and sit in that channel to make sure, it wasn’t Overmars, it was Pires at the time would be there and picked up.
“You always had a tactic that would deal with it, it’s not always a one vs one. It should never be a one vs one in fact. “If I was playing against a winger that was more talented than me, which was very often, and quicker than me, which was very often, I often had to deal with him my doing something that was not directly myself. It was positioning someone else in the team. 

“Or, if you’re playing against Manchester City – stop David Silva. Stop David Silva getting on the ball because if he is feeding in passes, if De Bruyne’s feeding in passes…

“So there’s always a way of stopping an opponent. It’s not necessarily always direct and I think that ultimately against Hazard I would be looking at how I can get my teammates around me, grouping up in that area making sure that we’re compact.”


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Oscar during the last clash at Upton Park in March 2015 @ Francesca Ceciarini

Arsenal legend Ray Parlour is confident on the fact that West Ham can get another impressive result in this start of the season next Saturday against Chelsea: the Hammers already won at Anfield, the Emirates, the Etihad and at Selhurst Park last weekend, and are currently fourth in the table with 17 points, just 2 less than Manchester United and Arsenal and only 4 behind the leaders, Manchester City.

Speaking to Alan Brazil Sport Breakfast show on TALKsport, Parlour suggested the way to beat the Blues in the last derby at Upton Park:

I think they will play like they do away from home this weekend. Sit back and defend, let Chelsea have a lot of the ball and then hit them on the break,he stated speaking of Slaven Bilic’s tactics.

“I think that’s how they’ve got to play because they’ve done it at the Etihad, the Emirates, Anfield and Palace at the weekend – and it’s worked.

“Instead of the Upton Park crowd expecting them to take the game to Chelsea, I think they will say ‘right Chelsea, you take the game to us and we will hit you on the break’ like they do away from home“.



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