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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

New Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink claimed he got sympathy for his predecessor, José Mourinho, who was sacked from the club just one week ago.

“Of course I got sympathy for José Mourinho, if you look at his records and you see how many titles he has won, in so many countries, you got a lot of respect for him, but these things happen in football, people take decisions…

“Yes, it’s true that players haven’t performed, but I guess there isn’t one coach in the world that hasn’t been sacked.

“Yesterday I talked to the squad and of course we spoke a little bit about the past, the reasons I am here, I asked everyone to look in the mirror, and I said to them to move on and look forward. I said them to give the best of themselves.

“About what happened in the past months: I don’t want to have long conversation [with players and people at the club], I didn’t want to ask too much information, because the information sometimes is..”coloured”. I don’t want to get much info because they have to show now what they are capable to do. I have my own judgement.

I saw what happened last Saturday against Sunderland and I guess the fans must express themselves about the recent past, but the team also has to show the fans they deserve their support.



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