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Chelsea have announced that tomorrow members can buy tickets for the Community Shield vs Arsenal, with the game which will be played Sunday 6 August at 2pm at Wembley.

Members with 25 or more loyalty points can buy a ticket from 7am to 10,30am; members with 20 or more points can buy a ticket (Online only) from 11am to 1,30pm; from 2pm tickets will be sold to members with 15 or more loyalty points (Online only).


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Season ticket holders can purchase their ticket for the Fa Cup final from Monday to Wednesday, depending on their loyalty points.

Season ticket holders with 72 points or more can purchase one ticket on Monday from 7am until 1,30pm.

Season ticket holders with 67 points or more can buy one ticket on Monday from 2pm but they can do this only online.

Season ticket holders with 62 points or more can buy their ticket on Tuesday from 7am until 1,30, while, from 2pm it will be the turn of supporters with at least 57 points.

Wednesday morning season ticket holders with 52 points or more can purchase their ticket from 7am to 1,30pm, while in the afternoon, from 2pm the chance will open for all remaining season ticket holders.

If tickets remain available after these 3 days Chelsea will make a further announcement on Monday 15 May.


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Chelsea will receive 32,090 tickets for the Fa Cup semifinal vs Tottenham which will be played at Wembley.

The Blues supporters will be allocated in the West stand of the stadium and tickets are priced from 60 to 30 pounds for adults, while juniors and seniors will receive a 10 pounds discount.

Tickets will be sold to season ticket holders first and then to members on a loyalty point basis. There won’t be general sale.

Other information will be announced Thursday at 3pm.

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Some tickets for Saturday’s game Stoke City vs Chelsea have been made available for The Blues’ supporters from the members’ allocation.

These tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10am and they can be purchased online only.

Members and ambulant disabled members can buy a ticket per person, while non-ambulant tickets are sold out.

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Chelsea FC just announced with an official note on their website that there still are some tickets available for the upcoming clash with Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge.

For the interested Blues fans, the full note here:

We have had some tickets returned for Saturday’s Barclays Premier League home game against Crystal Palace which will be going back on sale.

Tickets will be sold as follows:

Thursday 27 August from 7am ONLINE ONLY: Members who have not already purchased a ticket can buy one per person.

All ticket sales are subject to availability.

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According to the Sky Sport analysis, Chelsea sold an average of 99,82% of tickets for their home games last season. It’s more then any other club in England.

Sky Sport has analysed the official number of tickets sold for each game and compared it to the stadium capacities. It turned out that Chelsea won ranking, selling 41,546 seats of the 41,623 available.

Here we present You, the results of Sky Sport analysis :

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Chelsea are likely to win the Premier League this season

Chelsea have announced a new procedure that will affect European away games are ticketed, which will take affect next season.

As of the 2015-16 season, the club will insist that tickets for away games in Europe are collected in the city where the game is taking place, rather than at Stamford Bridge.

The change is a result of the Paris Metro incident in February, where Chelsea fans were videoed stopping a black man from boarding the train whilst shouting racist chants ahead of their Champions League game with Paris Saint Germain.

Chelsea are guaranteed a place in next season’s Champions League after their victory over Manchester United last Saturday, and they are 10 points clear of second placed Arsenal. Should Chelsea win the league, they will also be the only English team to be in the top-seeded group following a UEFA rule change.

In regards to the ticketing rule change, Chelsea said in a statement:

“The policy for the selling of tickets will not change but in future the intention is to have a collection point for the tickets in the city or town where the match is taking place. Previously it has been the Stamford Bridge ticket office.

“Under UEFA’s competition regulations, clubs are responsible for the allocation and distribution of match tickets and ultimately for the conduct of their supporters in and close to the stadium. Clubs also have to keep records of the names and addresses of all ticket holders. 

“Events in Paris this year have reinforced the importance of our existing policy of controlling who has access to match tickets for away European games, and ultimately act as ambassadors for the club.”

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The price of football is a key point for many fans

Following the £5.14 billion Premier League TV deal signed recently, West Ham announced today that they would be reducing their season ticket prices as a result.

The Hammers will make a £289 ticket available when they move from their 35,000-capacity Upton Park to the 54,000-seater Olympic Stadium for the 2016-17 season. The current cheapest ticket in the top flight is £299 – offered by Manchester City.

The Hammers say the reduction – from prices between £620 and £940 – has been offset by the new three-year record TV deal. Chief executive Karren Brady said to BBC Radio 5 Live: “I sit at the Premier League meetings. The subject of most of debates is how to make football more affordable. I can’t speak for other clubs. We had feel we had an obligation.”

When asked whether the reduction was a step to fill the new stadium, Brady replied: “We are not selling an inferior product for less, but a far superior product for less.

“We made a decision as a board that we put some of the money back from broadcast revenue into subsidising tickets for our supporters.”

But, following the announcement from the East London side, BBC Sport asked the other 19 Premier League clubs whether they would also be implementing reductions.

Chelsea said: “We review ticket prices each season.”

Here are the results:

(Aston Villa, Crystal Palace and Everton are yet to respond – Leicester refused to take part in the survery – QPR declined to comment)

Arsenal: “We have already announced ticket prices are being frozen for the 2015-16 season and we continue to drive a number of initiatives which provide tens of thousands of tickets priced between £10 and £26 across a season. It is also important to remember our season-ticket package includes 26 matches.”

Burnley: “No plans as yet but it’s a possibility that others might follow suit. You’ve got to strike a balance between revenue to get a team on the pitch and affordability.”

Hull: “Prices for seniors and adults have increased 6% for next season. Plans are not concrete for the following season.”

Manchester City: “City already have £299 season tickets. No plans yet for 2016-17 season.”

Manchester United: “Unlikely to be a decision until the next financial year – after 30 June.”

Newcastle: “Current deals give fans the chance to sign up to long-term season-ticket price-freeze deals.”

Tottenham: “No plans to reduce prices ahead of move to new stadium.”

Southampton: “No plans for the 2016-17 season yet.”

Stoke: “Frozen season ticket prices for the last seven years.”

Sunderland: “SAFC reduced the cost of season cards last season – our current prices, are significantly cheaper than those of West Ham. A child under 16 pays just £69 for the entire season (less than £5 a game) and an adult and junior package in our family zone is just £395, with additional children just £25 each for the whole season.”

Swansea: “We announced a drop in season ticket prices in December, so West Ham aren’t the first. It was a general £10 drop across the board, although our season tickets are generally one of the cheapest across the board when averaged out. Starting at £419 (adult) and a top price of £489.”

West Brom: “No plans for 2016-17 yet – dependent on league status.”







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