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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

When Guus Hiddink was asked if Chelsea would make some signings in this January transfer window to revamp their attack, he answered:

“We also have Bertrand Traore who is a youngster. And then we are thinking.

“I’m thinking. It’s not good to talk when you are thinking. Why shall we go public? If, suppose something is going on, it can be harmful when you go public. That’s my intention, to get you confused,”

“I have good contact with the board and they are open to discussing all the options. That’s not to say it has to be done but it is open. And if the window is open the mouth is shut”.

Hiddink was also asked about Patrick Bamford, that had a bad loan spalle to Crystal Palace, about a chance for him in the first team squad:

“Things haven’t worked out for whatever reason. I would have been more content if I had been given a chance and not taken it, but I haven’t started a game in the Premier League. For a young player like me, that’s not what you need so I had to take my development into consideration and make it the priority. He will continue to play with the U21 because he has to prove something.”

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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink dismissed rumours about Cesc Fabregas and Loic Remy leaving the club in January:

“We need all the players here until the end of the season,” he claimed.

“You know better than I do that Chelsea are still in a position where we have to improve to get up the table, so we need all the players at the moment. So we don’t talk about the rumours.

Cesc is coming in with a smile, which is what I always like. They come in with a smile and not a worn out face.”

The same applies to Remy,” said the Dutch manager.

“He’s our player. We don’t go into that. If you have seen the previous match when Diego [Costa] was out, and we had some other injured players…

“I hope they recover very fast to be available. We need a double occupation for all the positions, and we didn’t have that.”

“The window is wide open. We’ll see. I’m not going in advance to talk about those things. It’s a bit ‘if’. I’ll talk in-house.”

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According to the Express, three Chelsea stars can leave in January.

Oscar, Ramires and Nemanja Matic are all candidates to leave the Blues during the winter transfer window.

Oscar is having a really poor season, with only two goals scored – one on penalty- and no assists given, he even missed the chance to give Chelsea three points with an incredible mistake from the penalty kick-spot on Boxing Day against Watford and at Old Trafford he had one of the worst performances ever with the Blues: we realized he was on the pitch only when Wayne Rooney stamped his leg with that horrible foul.

But above all, he shows no commitment on the pitch and some Chelsea fans are furious to him for his attitude: in fact, he was one of the players booed against Sunderland after Mourinho’s sacking.

It’s no mistery that Juventus’ coach Massimiliano Allegri has a soft spot for the Brazilian: the Italian club already tried to sign him last summer, but at the end the deal couldn’t be closed, also because Oscar didn’t want to move from London and from Chelsea.

But in these four months things have changed, and the move is now possible.

Also Nemanja Matic has been a real poor season until now: last year he was one of the fundamental players in Chelsea success in the Premier League, now it seems he lost all of his confidence and pace: the incredible mistake he did yesterday in front of De Gea is a sign of it.

Juventus are keen oh him too, as well as Ramires. The Italian club will try to sign at least one of them in the transfer window that will ope in a couple of days: it could be a good deal for Chelsea, that are looking for money to revamp their squad in order to climb up the Premier League table.


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After a “terrible” loan to Crystal Palace Patrick Bamford hit out and announced he will come back to Chelsea in this January transfer window:

“It has been terrible,” he said after the 0-0 draw agaisnt Swansea.

“Obviously things haven’t worked out for whatever reason. I would have been more content if I had been given a chance and not taken it. I haven’t started a game in the Premier League, so for a young player like me that is not what you need.”

“I was frustrated because there weren’t many strikers scoring. Connor [Wickham] only scored his first goal last week. As a striker, it might be short-sighted of me, but scoring goals is a striker’s job.

So he decided to leave Crystal Palace:

“It was my decision. The coaches have just found out – I have told them I am going. I think the manager and the coaching staff already knew.

“But the physios and coaching staff I have just let them know and said bye now. I think I had to do it because I haven’t been playing and for my development, it is crucial that I play games.

On his future:

“I think I have got to be open to all options. Ideally I want to stay in the Premier League and I think there are a few options to stay, so now it is about assessing which is best and we will go from there.

“I just got a bit frustrated at not getting a chance. Obviously there are a lot of things I could say that frustrated me. I got on well with the gaffer [Alan Pardew] and I like him. It was just one of those that didn’t work out.

“Not really. There were a few reasons but I kind of saw through them.

“Apart from that, the team has been doing really well so I couldn’t really complained about getting involved sometimes

“As a striker, it might be short-sighted of me but obviously scoring goals is a striker’s job. If you are not playing and the other strikers are not scoring and you are not getting a chance,obviously I was pulling my hair out.”

Bamford said it was not a decision he took last minute:

“I have known for the last two or three weeks maybe that I was heading back so it was about getting as much game time before I did go back.”

Asked if it was a waste of time he replied:

“I wouldn’t say it has been a waste of time. That would be a bit harsh.

“But I have learned things from the gaffer – playing with people like Yohan [Cabaye] and the other players in the team you can always learn something.

Bamford just played 119 minutes in the Premier League so far, and never started:

“It was my first stint in the Premier League properly. It was a learning curve and we will see what happens next.”

Bamford had a terrific season last year at Middlesbrough:

“That is why I was frustrated. I felt like I had to carry it on. After having watched the games, I know I can fit in at this level.

“It is difficult when you are not playing and you come in for five minutes here or there, 20 minutes there, don’t play for a couple of weeks.

“You don’t really get a run and for a striker it is important to get a run of games. I think if you have seen me play at all the other levels, whenever I have played, I have never been out of the team for longer than a game. That has shown with the goals as well.

“I think after the New Year I go back with  and then take it from there. It is up to me to work hard then and see what happens.”

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Sky Sports Spanish football expert Terry Gibson says that, there is a chance that Antoine Griezmann will join Chelsea in in a swap deal involving Diego Costa but not earlier than on summer.However, the factor that decides whether the Frenchman even begin to consider the potential transfer at Stamford Bridge, will be Chelsea’s qualification for next season of the Champions League.

Gibson told La Liga weekly podcast :

“No I do not think it [a move] does (depend on Chelsea finishing in the top four),”

“If you were Griezmann and in any way interested in going to the Premier League, then you would still look upon a club like Chelsea as an attractive proposition.”

“Similar to when a lot of people made that assumption when Manchester United did not qualify for the Champions League whether they could attract the players.”

“But if a club is willing to pay the transfer fee and the wages, then the reputation of a big club like Manchester United or Chelsea does mean that players will go to those sort of clubs and risk not being in the Champions League hoping it is just for the one season.”

“It is being talked about a lot and from the outside there is surely a swap there with Griezmann and Diego Costa somewhere along the line,”

“But I do not expect that to happen in January as that does not suit either club, because if they are both in the Champions League then they will have a player they cannot use. So Griezmann will stay put until the summer.”


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Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp has slammed Diego Costa for his recent behaviour. In his opinion, Jose Mourinho made a good decision leaving the Spaniard on the bench against Bournemouth.

Redknapp went even further and has described Costa’s  behavior as disgusting. Chelsea striker was benched during the clash against Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane. His shameful behavior when he threw his bib probably towards Mourinho has already been widely criticized by all.

According to Redknapp, Mourinho has already given to the understanding between the words that will try to get rid of the Spaniard in the upcoming transfer window.

Redknapp told the Daily Star:

”When you think of Jose Mourinho teams, you think of Didier Drogba, you think of Costa last season,”

“If someone had said Costa would be out of the team, falling out with the manager, you would have never believed it.”

“He’s a volatile character, but I think the manager has almost made a statement.”

“You cannot behave like that, I don’t care who you are, it’s so disrespectful to the manager and it sets the wrong example to all those players on the bench. It’s disgusting behaviour.”

“I’m a big fan of him as a player, but at times like this he really lets himself down. No one likes to be sub, it’s not great, but you get on with it.”


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Chelsea are interested in Rennes talent Ousmane Dembelé.

It is believed that José Mourinho sent his scouts to France to watch the young striker.

The 18-year-old is being one of the sensations of Ligue 1 and is also tracked by other European giants: in fact also Atletico Madrid, Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund are tracking him.

A move is January is almost impossible, but the Blues can still try to sign him next summer.

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Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

After the defeat with Bournemouth Jose Mourinho revealed that he won’t ask for any player to his club in the January transfer window. 

The Portuguese manager admitted that everybody has to take their responsibilities for the awful start of the season and he’s confident that his players and him can improve and make better in the Premier League:

“We don’t have the right to ask the club for players. I don’t think so,” claimed the manager after the eighth defeat in the Premier League so far.

‘We started the season with this squad and we have to do better. This is more about players doing better than the club going to the market.

“People must feel responsibilities. We had a lot of half chances and we couldn’t touch the ball. If you are in the box you have to attack the ball.”



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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has expressed his deep disappointment following Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat to Bournemouth. The Portuguese coach is convinced that the Blues deserved a better result.

Mourinho said:

”We don’t deserve this result,”

”If in the first half we were a bit passive and didn’t press enough, and were not intense with or without the ball, in the second half we did. We created problems and in our best period, when everybody was waiting for our goal, they go and score.”

”Yes it was a penalty (the handball) and the goal was offside but the referee made a mistake and the linesman made a mistake. That’s football.”

”We had enough chances and more than that we had a lot of half chances where we couldn’t touch the ball, which is disappointing. All these crosses from the right side, not long crosses, short ones by Ivanovic, Pedro, Willian, you have to touch the ball in the face of the goal and then there is no chance for the keeper.”

”The only time we had contact was the Matic one, which was difficult for him because of the mask and the cross was really fast. The other ones, the short and low ones, if you are in the box you have to attack the ball. They are big chances we have to score.”

Asked why the team struggles for consistency:

”I explain the inconsistency by unlucky details, you cannot have bigger details than one penalty which was not given and an offside goal that decides the game. We are always unlucky in these little details. It’s also to do with individual inconsistency. When you get good momentum and good consecutive results it’s because we have stability in performances, we had a couple today where you expect more, need more and they didn’t give enough.”

On Wednesday’s clash against FC Porto in the Champions League:

”Before the game I was still thinking we can finish in the top four. Everybody is losing points. Only Leicester are consistent in victories, they keep winning and winning. I’m really disappointed with the result, not so disappointed with the performance but very disappointed with the result. Let’s think about winning the next game and forget about targets because to fix targets with our inconsistency is difficult.’’

Asked whetever he will change his mind and try to land any new player during January transfer window:

”I feel we don’t have the right to ask the club for players, I don’t think so. We started the season with this squad, we have to do better, the players have to do better. It’s more about that than the club going to the market. People must take responsibility. The owner and the board are not responsible for the bad moment, the responsibility is mine and the players”

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Pogba stayed at Juventus last summer but hinted an exit soon

Paul Pogba‘s agent Mino Raiola revealed that his client won’t leave Juventus in the next January transfer window, but keep Chelsea and Manchester City‘s hopes to sign hum alive for next summer transfer market:

“This summer, he decided to stay for another season and he kept his word,” he stated to Italian TV Mediaset Premium.

“We are not taking about the future, we are living in the present. Paul is only thinking about Juve. Next, we will see what happens in the summer transfer window. I can guarantee you that he will not leave in January. That has always been clear from the bottom of his heart.”


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