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Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas spent 8 years with Gunners before joining Barcelona in 2011 and then Blues’ in 2014.

The Spaniard will meet his former manager again as Chelsea will face Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

When asked whether the experience with Arsenal still had a place in his heart, Fabregas said: “Yes, forever. That is something that will never change, there are many things said about me, about Arsenal, about stuff like that”.

“Obviously I don’t really care about what people think about me anymore. It is just about what I feel about them and Arsenal will always be the team that believe in me the most”.

Arsene Wenger played a crucial role in Fabregas’ development under his management.

“I was a young kid, 16 years old, playing for Barcelona – but for the Barcelona academy, where it is very difficult to reach the first team. And Arsene Wenger especially, and Arsenal, gave me everything”.

“Without them I wouldn’t be a World Cup winner, a European Championship winner. I would not have experienced all of this that I am doing in my life”.

Then Fabregas ended: “So I will always forever be grateful.”

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Arsenal manager ARSENE WENGER speaks out about the loan system

Chelsea football club with thirty players on loan currently have been heavily criticised by the Arsenal manager this week as he spoke on the Arsenal website. WENGER says said that the whole loan system which involves players with talent not playing at their clubs at such a youthful age should be “looked at again”. ARSENE WENGER expressed that he thinks the loan system is “one of the biggest problems in the modern game”.

WENGER said: “The way a youth team is organised now is that all the best young players go to the richest clubs, which is where they have fewer chances to develop, so you have to make sure the system shares out the best young players equally.

“It’s difficult because the development of the players depends on the concentration of the good players.

“The more good players you have together, the more chance they have of becoming even better players.”

Chelsea manager ANTONIO CONTE has indeed made good use of young developed energetic players seen to have distinct talent, such us the likes of VICTOR MOSES and has been rumoured to be looking to buy more players despite having young talented players on loan. While WENGER believes there can be improvements to the loan system in the future, Chelsea who are on top as the year ends may still be looking to buy further players with money that Arsenal may not be willing to spend.

One of the highly talented players developed in his young age at Arsenal is CESC FABREGAS. After going away from  the Emirates to his homeland of Spain for a time and then trying to return to Arsenal but rejected by WENGER, FABREGAS could be a title winner at the cost of Arsenal. FABREGAS is a high flying midfielder constantly adding to the attacking new formation of ANTONIO CONTE whilst ARSENE WENGER as usual comes up to a season period where he has to consider spending money or getting players from the January possibility of loans. The loan system WENGER is not happy with can help his team as Chelsea at present are flying high despite having thirty players on loan this season.

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte told the club’s official website he expects a tough match against Arsenal today,

“I know we have had good results against Arsenal but we must know we face a good team in great shape – Conte admitted – They are a big rival but we must pay great attention, try to play good football and get a result”.

About Cesc Fabregas’ possible involvement today, Conte stated that he is ‘pleased with the attitude and commitment of Cesc during training sessions and the last games when he was called to come on’.

“I want to see this from all my players – he added – Cesc hasn’t played but it can happen to all of the players”.

Then about Arsene Wenger: “He has a great reputation, Wenger is doing a good job but it’s normal that when every year you fight for the title you want to win it, but to stay up there every year is not easy. When you watch Arsenal you see good football”.

“When you win, you must understand the way in which you win, I think it’s important because sometimes the win is a situation where there isn’t a solid base – Conte added – If I’m a director, when you can see good work every day in the training sessions, you can value the work. If a coach or manager is working well and you don’t win, I’m sure in the future you will win.”

“If I’m a director and I don’t see good work but the team still win, the future is not good.”



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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte gave an injury update ahead of the clash against Arsenal.

The Blues are set to face the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday and the manager is confident that his squad can overpass the last disappointing home defeat to Liverpool.

When asked if captain John Terry is fully fit for the game or if was anybody else missing Arsenal clash, Conte said: “John Terry did the best to recover but he didn’t recover for the game against Arsenal, is still working a lot but needs time.”

“I don’t know when he will be fit, in this case is important both what the player feels and the pain that he feels”.

It is understood Terry wants to play every gamem but this won’t be a problem for the Italian manager, as he confirmed: “It’s normality, in the team we have 3 central defenders so I have to make a choice, but I think is normal when you are a team like Chelsea. I don’t see any problem”.


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