Chelsea v Porto 2-0 – Player Ratings

Chelsea v Porto 2-0 – Player Ratings

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Nemanja Matic in action © Francesca Ceciarini

Courtois 7,5 – Three saves, but all important. Now that he’s back also the defense look more confident.

Ivanovic 6,5 – After the injury he came back almost at the level we were used to see him: keep going, Brana!

Terry 7 – Proper captain, he was the leader in the middle of the pitch motivating his team-mates and giving them advice, especially on the game tempo. Every team would need a captain like him.

Zouma 6,5 – You can rely on him in such games, he’s always there ready for the action and he never gives up

Azpilicueta 6,5 – Always very focused, as usual he does a lot of work for the team. Tireless.

Ramires 6,5 – Very precious in the midfield, with his rapidity and intelligence. Hard worker for the team a usual.

Matic 7,5 MOTM – Finally a performance on the levels we used to see him, he was unstoppable and just…everywhere! We hope he can be more constant.

Oscar 6 – Hard worker for the team as usual but he’s never dangerous or really creative.

Hazard 7 – Good performance, he is improving after the awful start of the season and you can see how much Chelsea missed the REAL Eden. Tonight we could see his magic again.

Willian 7,5 – Clone  him! By far Chelsea’s best player of this period: unstoppable, tireless..and he’s becoming a good goal-scorer too! Always there in the important moments, fundamental.

Diego Costa 6 – When he will start to control his temper? He played a good game, but his stupid foul on Casillas could cost him also a red card if he found an harsher referee. He must improve on this aspect, it’s becoming a limit, especially in crucial games like these.


Pedro 6 – He did what he had to do: try to speed up the playing in the counter attacks and bring more freshness up there. Always very smart.

Obi Mikel 6 – He brought experience, coolness and leadership in the last crucial minutes.

Remy 6 – He played just a couple of minutes but he almost scored the 3-0 goal: efficient.


Mourinho 7 – Well played game, with a good spirit: finally the team seem to be focused. The players now show also a good physical condition, we just hope this win can bring a little more enthusiasm and confidence to his phenomenal group.