Confidence and supremacy, Chelsea close to clinch the title

Confidence and supremacy, Chelsea close to clinch the title

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Just three points away for clinching the second title in a row. That’s what Chelsea side has to complete within the last five games ahead, but how did they arrive at this point?

From the very beginning Chelsea gave the impression of an unbeatable power and excellent confidence, they started with 4 wins in a row with Burnley, Leicester, Everton and Swansea.

Diego Cesc
New offensive power

The new two big signs of the summer, gave an important for Chelsea Premier League initial matches, Diego Costa showed immediately of being able to bear all the expectations that supporters and managers had. With seven goals he now holds the record of most goals in his first four Premier League matches. Fabregas as well started the season with outstanding performances, providing at least one assist for the first four matches and scoring his first goal on 18th October against Crystal Palace at the Selhurst Park. Without forgetting the new number 1 between the sticks, Thibaut Courtois.

But obviously all the Blues were playing a stunning football giving already more than one concern to the competitors; Manchester United were struggling with their problems both at defensive and offensive side, Manchester City having discontinuous performances and Arsenal struggling far from the top spots meanwhile Chelsea were running fast and smoothly at the top of the table.

Mourinho was able to display dominant wins along with brilliant and spectacular plays thanks to his creative midfielder and strikers like Oscar, Hazard and Fabregas on the shields. Critics were astonished with the power and gorgeousness of Chelsea’s performances along with great wins with top clubs like Arsenal (2-0 in Stamford Bridge), an electrifying come back in Anfield or a 3-0 against Tottenham.

At the end of 2014 we could count 15 victories and 4 draws, a team who runs quickly towards the win of the national title. 13 goals from Diego Costa as a mark of their supremacy.

With the beginning of 2015 the quality of Mourinho’s squad started decreasing due to various issues with injuries and lack of constancy from some key players, but they keep it up with tight but essential wins. With 7 one goal wins Blues put up not brilliant displays but fundamental to remark their strength, as it said: successful teams are able to win even when they don’t deserve it. So the second half of the Premier League confirmed this statement.

Terry scores
The captain scores to complete the come back

The last match at the King Power Stadium it’s only one those matches when your opponents’ motivations overtake yours but your winner psychological strength allowed you to come back from a terrible first half. Netting the two very dangerous first shots it a sign of supremacy, and Didier Drogba is the master in this field.

Eventually they really deserve to celebrate and be celebrated for this Premier League season, they have been at the top from the first match and they never gave the impression to lose the spot. The second consecutive title is just a little step away.