The remaining fixtures: ‘Champions Elect’?

The remaining fixtures: ‘Champions Elect’?

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Have Chelsea already won the league?

After Manchester City’s shock defeat to Crystal Palace last night, some are now calling Chelsea ‘Champions Elect’. With the Blues now seven points ahead of second-place Arsenal with only seven games remaining (eight for Chelsea), we take a look at the run-ins for Chelsea, those who could still, mathematically, win the league, and those pushing for Champions League football next season.

Mathematically, there are seven teams who could win the league: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Southampton. But, realistically, only four have an actual chance: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City. We now take a look at all of the remaining fixtures for these title contenders, and those who are in the running for European football next season.

Chelsea (currently 1st)

Played – 30, Points – 70, Last 10 games – WWDWWDWDWW

Last eight fixtures: QPR (A) – Manchester United (H) Arsenal (A) – Leicester (A) – Crystal Palace (H) – Liverpool (H) – West Brom (A) – Sunderland (H)

Arsenal (currently 2nd)

Played – 31, Points – 63, Last 10 games – WWLWWWWWWW

Last seven fixtures: Burnley (A) – Chelsea (H) – Hull (A) – Swansea (H) – Manchester United (A) – Sunderland (H) – West Brom (H)

Manchester United (currently 3rd)

Played – 31, Points – 62, Last 10 games – WWDWLWWWWW

Last seven fixtures: Manchester City (H) – Chelsea (A) – Everton (A) – West Brom (H) – Crystal Palace (A) – Arsenal (H) – Hull (A)

Manchester City (currently 4th)

Played – 31, Points – 61, Last 10 games – LDDWWLWLWL

Last seven fixtures: Manchester United (A) – West Ham (H) – Aston Villa (H) – Tottenham (A) – QPR (H) – Swansea (A) – Southampton (H)

All of the top 4 qualify for the Champions League


The other contenders:

Liverpool (currently 5th – would qualify for the Europa League)

Played – 31, Points – 54, Last 10 games – WWDWWWWWLL

Last seven fixtures: Newcastle (H) – Hull (A) – West Brom (A) – QPR (H) – Chelsea (A) – Crystal Palace (H) – Stoke (A)

Tottenham (currently 6th)

Played – 31, Points – 54, Last 10 games – WWWLDWWLWD

Last seven fixtures: Aston Villa (H) – Newcastle (A) – Southampton (A)Manchester City (H) – Stoke (A) – Hull (H) – Everton (A)

Southampton (currently 7th)

Played – 31, Points – 53, Last 10 games – WLWDLLWDWL

Last seven fixtures: Hull (H) – Stoke (A) – Tottenham (H) – Sunderland (A) – Leicester (A) – Aston Villa (H) – Manchester City (A)


Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea all have the most games against other teams in the top seven (3) – Liverpool have the least (1).

Only Manchester City and Arsenal have three away games – all of the others have four.

Liverpool and Chelsea have the most games against teams in the bottom half of the table (5). Manchester City have the least (2).

With only a few games left of another brilliant season, have Chelsea already won the trophy? Can someone knock them off of their perch?