Alan Pardew hopes to delay Chelsea’s celebration

Alan Pardew hopes to delay Chelsea’s celebration

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Two good old friends are facing each other on Sunday clash in Stamford Bridge. Crystal Palace is visiting Chelsea, who is keen to make the win to hold the Premier League.

Last meeting between Alan Pardew and Jose Mourinho was back in December when Pardew was still on Newcastle bench and the Magpies made Chelsea suffer one of the only two defeats of the this season (a 2-1 at St. James’ Park).

Alan Pardew says: “Last time we met I was at Newcastle, Jose was pretty upset. We beat them 2-0. He didn’t come for a drink after that one. I hope he’s cheered up a little bit.”

That match must seem a lifetime ago, now Mourinho’s squad is just a win away to secure the title and they want to celebrate in West London this weekend, and Crystal Palace already achieved their goal since they are safe from relegation.

Pardew admits: “It’s a good game for Chelsea because we’ve achieved our objective. Our players have lost a little focus. At this level, two per cent less focus is enough to lose a game. I expect Jose to get Chelsea over the line [and win the title] but I don’t want him to do it against me on Sunday.”

Speaking on what Chelsea did this season he is sure that: “Chelsea have entertained us. Certainly for the first half of the season, they were the best team by some distance. Nobody said then they were boring. Recently there has been a little bit more ‘let’s not lose’ mentality and I get that. When you are making sure [of the title] you start not being as flamboyant. You have to admire Jose’s functionality. Any other team in their position might have had a wobble but, when Jose gets into these positions, he gets the job done.”