Blanc: “We gave Chelsea problems, Zlatan got attributes”

Blanc: “We gave Chelsea problems, Zlatan got attributes”

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PSG manager Laurent Blanc praises his players after the good performance at Stamford Bridge that let them go through the Champions League round of 16.

The French coach especially had nice words for Angel Di Maria and Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

“We had to think of a way of giving Chelsea problems,” Blanc said in his postmatch media conference.

In tight matches such as these you have to win the midfield battle, and pose a tactical problem to the opposition in midfield.

“Angel Di Maria did that well and Adrien Rabiot can do that when he plays higher up the pitch. It allows us to keep the ball with greater ease. Di Maria gave Chelsea a problem from start to finish, they never knew where he was — but we did, and could give him the ball. That tactical aspect worked very well.

Zlatan performed at the level he has been performing throughout this season,” Blanc added.

“You [journalists] often have doubts about whether he can perform at other levels, because it’s Ligue 1, it’s true. He showed tonight that he can produce this in the Champions League.

“He has terrific attributes. He keeps centre-backs occupied, he has great vision, he can steer the game, come short and can set up our play which is very important.”