Klopp: “Deserved win and brilliant first half”

Klopp: “Deserved win and brilliant first half”

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp analysed his team’s great win against Chelsea tonight at Stamford Bridge:

“It was very intense, very lively and very flexible,” the German coach said in his post-match press conference.

“Our build-up was brilliant in the first half. Everybody could see what Chelsea wanted to do – they wanted to win the ball. But I was really happy with the style of play and the confidence.

“Actually, the problem was that we stopped somehow after around 37 [minutes]. It makes not too much sense but is normal for human beings and especially football players. We had the chance at half-time to talk about this and came back and did quite well again. Then it was absolutely the wrong moment in the wrong situation where we conceded a goal.

“We wanted to avoid situations like this, getting a counter-attack when you are 2-0 in the lead. We did it, unfortunately. It didn’t look too good. I have to see the goal again but I saw three boys on their back in our box. That makes not too much sense.

“They scored a goal but we were back and really awake then again, and defended really well-organised. Everybody who saw Chelsea until now knows when they start getting really direct, it’s difficult. We had this one free-kick in a difficult position, but all the rest was really good defending. And we had maybe the biggest chance with Divock’s [Origi] header – a brilliant save. Deserved [result], all good.

Asked if Liverpool are title contenders, he claimed:

“I am really not interested what people say. The same question I had when somebody asked me when we won 3-1 last time here against Chelsea. Someone asked me and my answer was ‘are you crazy!?’ – I remember it. I have learned a little bit about English.

“We have 10 points and that’s fantastic – really fantastic and I am really happy about it after these difficult fixtures. The season is not over, we have to play football – we know we can play football and we are convinced about our quality. That’s all the truth, but in the end we have to prove it every week – or in this week, every three days because on Tuesday we have the EFL Cup against Derby, which will be a nice game too.”