Pulis: “Chelsea won the title by a country mile”

Pulis: “Chelsea won the title by a country mile”

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West Brom manager Tony Pulis

West Brom manager Tony Pulis analysed the victory against Chelsea speaking to the press, being obviously quite satisfied to beat the champions in their last home game of the season.

It was a game that meant nothing for either side, but that could mean something for pride and personal satisfaction:

“We still have one more game at the Emirates which will be tough but we are delighted we finished 13th, that’s a wonderful finish for us.

“To win at Manchester United, to beat Chelsea, to draw with Liverpool and up at Newcastle. Those last five games, you were thinking where are the points coming from us?

“The players showed great character and composure tonight and Chelsea helped us with Cesc Fabregas getting sent off. We had the breaks and got the goals at the right times but they are the best team in the league by a country mile.

“The credit will go to us tonight but it should really be focused all on them.

“It didn’t help my blood pressure when we got beat by QPR and Leicester at home. Those were really disappointing games but we worked hard on the shape of the team, making ourselves really difficult to beat”

“There’s quality in the team as well and it was a great finish to the season and I’m really pleased for the supporters. They’ve really backed us this year.

“There’s things I want to do and the club and hopefully I can move it on”

Albion’s manager also praised the Chelsea side for their achievements this season:

“The team we’ve played have been by far the best in England.They’ve won it by a country mile. All the praise must go to them”.