Morata: “I felt a lot of pressure when I joined Chelsea: I...

Morata: “I felt a lot of pressure when I joined Chelsea: I needed a goal”

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Speaking to the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview Alvaro Morata revealed that his first days at Chelsea weren’t easy, since he felt a lot of responsibility after being the most expensive signing in the Blues history:

“When I first came, I felt a lot of pressure,” the forward who replaced Diego Costa claimed.

“The price tag is a big deal. I missed an important penalty in the Community Shield. I knew straight away I would need to grit my teeth and that there would be a load of criticism. It only made me more determined to prove any critics wrong and work harder than ever before.

“It’s hard as a striker. It’s cut and dried. Your job is to put the ball in the back of the net. OK, we like to say how a striker creates space and influences matches in other ways, but let’s not pretend: at the end of the season, the best striker everyone talks about is the top scorer.

“In that period, where I couldn’t score, you start driving yourself mad. It goes through your head constantly: ‘I need a goal, I need a goal.’

“The more you think, the harder it gets. Goals flow when you play with a smile and don’t think too much.”