Sarri: “I would like everyone here just to call me Maurizio”

Sarri: “I would like everyone here just to call me Maurizio”

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Maurizio Sarri has also been asked if he wants to be labelled with a nickname just as José Mourinho did with “The Special One”.

The new Chelsea manager, speaking at his first press conference in Stamford Bridge, told journalists: “I would like everyone here just to call me Maurizio. Just Maurizio”.

On Mourinho: “He has won everything and I think that this is enough for a manager. Someone who has this track record does not need a description. We are talking about a world level manager. I esteem Pep, and the other managers, my style is closest to Guardiola”

And on Guardiola: Well he is a class act, he is a champion and a genius. It is difficult to explain his insights. Clearly he had some difficulties in the first year, but reaching 100 points in Premier League is extraordinary and might not be repeated. For us we need to fill in a gap. I hope last year was an occasional gap”.

About his past faux pas towards Roberto Mancini back in 2016 and an Italian journalist last season, Sarri noted:  “People make mistakes”.

“One was made when I was angry, the other was not a mistake because she was a journalist who I shared jokes with for three years, it was miscronstued. Those who know me very well, I am not homophobic/racist or sexist”.

“I do not have this type of problem and I hope to show this when I work and live here. Mistakes were made and you have to apologise and a professional attitude is needed”.

About the relationship with Roman Abramovich: “This is something where our owner is a reserved person. I don’t want to start a work relationship with him by speaking about private things. This is a private relationship and I hope this is respected, also given the characteristics of our owner”.