Ancelotti clears up Lewandowski situation at Bayern

Ancelotti clears up Lewandowski situation at Bayern

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Last week was rumoured that Robert Lewandowski was set to leave Bayern Munich after some misunderstandings with his manager, Carlo Ancelotti, and the club.

Lewandowski was also linked to Chelsea, that are looking for a forward with Diego Costa set to leave, but German side immediately claimed that no issues were present with the Polish striker, who was set to remain a Bayern player.

Explaining the situation, Ancelotti is quoted as having remarked about a lack of help with regards to winning the Bundesliga Golden Boot, coming from Lewandowski,

“Lewandowski has never complained to me, I finally congratulated him on his good season. I was satisfied with him and he was pleased with us.

“As always there are agents who talk too much, I do not know why. It is not the first time an agent has used the newspapers to say something wrong, that’s all. In a perfect world, agents do not talk.”