Champions League – Conte: “To win against Qarabag is fundamental for our...

Champions League – Conte: “To win against Qarabag is fundamental for our season”

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Antonio Conte feels a win against Qarabag could be really important for Chelsea, as the Blues will have a busy schedule from now until February, when the Champions League last 16 will take place.

Should the West London side win against the Azerbaijan team they will qualify for Champions League next stage without waiting for Atletico Madrid’s clash in the beginning of December:

“We have to play the most important game of the season from the start until now,” Conte said.

“If we are able to win against Qarabag, we can go through to the next round of the Champions League and this is very important because this period from now until January is very busy, so it is very important to win the game.

 “For sure it won’t be easy because in the last two games they drew twice against Atletico Madrid, and before that they lost the game but Roma were struggling a lot to win against them so it is very important to be focused, to work and to try to win the game.”
Conte continued:
“I must be honest, these players always show great desire and will to fight in every game.
“Against Roma, together we didn’t show this , me first. I always put myself before the players and I always take the responsibility.

“In Rome we didn’t deserve to finish the first half 2-0 down, but the second half was negative because we didn’t show the desire to come back to try to draw it or win.

“But I think this season, we faced a lot of problems from the start and now we are trying to solve these problems, to recall players, to find the right form for players like, for example, Eden Hazard and it is the same for [Alvaro] Morata who is playing his first season in England.

“Then [N’Golo] Kante is recovering good form and we know very well the importance of these players for us. We had a lot of problems and also we are trying to change something in the tactical aspect and to find different solutions, because when you are conceding many goals, it means you have to find a new balance.”