Costa won’t change his style of playing

Costa won’t change his style of playing

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Since he arrived at Chelsea Diego Costa  showed all his potential  as great striker, adapting himself to to Chelsea football style.

He scored 26 goals in 20 matches last season showing an extraordinary performance  never seen before.Rumours back some months ago said he might have left for Spain,  but preferred staying in London.

By the way his aggressive style has been bit criticised about his temperament but he is thinking keeping it.

Costa: “I don’t think I have done anything malicious; I’ve not had a red card so why change anything about the way I am“I’ve always played this way for all the sides I’ve been with and I’ve always scored a lot of goals in this style.The key for me is to score goals and win trophies. If I change in any way, I’m not going to be the same player. I feel very much at ease and neither the manager nor anyone else at the club has said anything to me, and at no point have I shown any lack of loyalty at all and so that is good enough for me.”

Costa will have Radamel Falcao on his side next season. Together they have played at Atletico Madrid where they played very good