Maurizio Sarri: “In a match, everything can happen”

Maurizio Sarri: “In a match, everything can happen”

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In his pre-game press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game vs Manchester City at Stamford Bridge the Blues manager Maurizio Sarri explained he is confident his team can get a good result vs Pep Guardiola‘s side.

At the moment we have no serious injuries. I think that every player will be able to play. But, of course, I have to see the last training [session]. The match, for us, is really very important”. Sarri said. “You know very well it’s a very difficult match against, maybe, the best team in Europe at the moment. So we know very well it’s very difficult. It’s impossible to beat them in a long period, of course, in this moment. But in a match, everything can happen.”

However, the Italian manager he is not sure also his players have the same kind of confidence at the moment: “I don’t know, but I think we have a problem to manage the match at the moment. In the last two matches we played well for 55/60 minutes but then, at the first difficulty, we went in black out”. Sarri admitted. “The first match we were lucky because they didn’t score. In the last match, we were a little bit unlucky because, for the opponents, there are five shots and only two on target, and we conceded two goals. But, after the first goal, we went in black-out and were not able to react.”

So, to overcome this difficult period, Sarri is trying to understand what he and the team can do: “We need leaders, but I think also we need a collective target. A collective target. That can give us motivation, and the motivation can give us determination”. the Italian explained. “I saw that, in some matches, we lack determination. Like in the last match. I think we were not able to have the right determination to win the match.”

This target, motivation and determination can help Chelsea reduce the gap with Manchester City:  “We started with 30 points of difference. We have to work to reduce the gap. I think that we are improving, but they are improving also, so it’s very difficult to recover the gap”. Sarri went on. “I don’t know the difference at the moment. We started very well, this season, but now we have to face some difficulties. I think it’s normal. Sooner or later, it’s normal to have some difficulties in a new way of playing. It’s normal. We have to work, we have to try to solve problem by problem, day by day. And to improve in a definitive way.”