Mourinho warns his players

Mourinho warns his players

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has warned his Chelsea players to get the wins if they are to make it to the end, and get their hands on the title for the first time since 2010.

The Blues have an healthy lead over second placed Arsenal and others, but they can’t afford to slip up at this time of the season.

Following the Manchester City’s defeat at Crystal Palace last night, it now appears that Manchester United and Arsenal are the closest challengers for the title.

However, Mourinho has warned his players in a good way and knows they can cope with pressure. He said:

“Mentality is important because now is the moment where everything is decided for everything for relegation, the Champions League places and the title.”

Jose Mourinho stressed the fact that what matters the most is when it gets to end of the season to see who can cope with pressure and produce results. The Portuguese man added:

“You can do amazingly well for seven, eight, nine months but the moment of truth always arrives and the moment of truth for us is get the wins we need to be champions.”

“So to be mentally strong, but at the same time be comfortable with the situation, is very important. I think people are comfortable. I look at them and see people who are comfortable and relaxed to play these last two months.”