Sarri sends message to Chelsea fans: “100% hard work, 90% fun”

Sarri sends message to Chelsea fans: “100% hard work, 90% fun”

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Here’s the first interview of new Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri, who spoke to the club’s official TV following his appointment at Stamford Bridge on a three-year-deal.

“First of all I have to say thank you to the people of Naples” Sarri said

“Because they helped me in every way for three years. I love them very much and I will always love them. Five years ago I was in Italy in Serie B, while Chelsea are one of the most important clubs in the most important championship in Europe. There are all the most important coaches in the Premier League”.

“It will be interesting to play against Mourinho, Guardiola, Klopp, Pochettino and all the others. Pep [Guardiola] is principally a friend, so I think he has spoken well about me for this reason”.

“It’s very difficult to describe me as a manager: first of all I love the game, I love football and all the rest is a consequence. I think at Naples I was very lucky to find many players very adapted to my way of football and very strong from the human point of view and as players. So I think I was lucky to transport my idea on the pitch for the quality essentially of this players”.

“I think Chelsea is a good team, the problem is that in England there are other five or six very good teams too. I think with one or two adjustments we can try to play my football. I want to enjoy first of all myself, the players have to enjoy themselves and first of all I hope that fans can enjoy the team”.

On Jorginho: “He’s not a physical but a technical player. His most important quality is that he can be very quick in the mind, so he has the ability to move the ball quickly”.

“We have to play, to work very hard. So for the first game I think the result is not very important, but we have to try to give the best. Football is my first passion, I like to read novels too. The last one that I loved was Vargas Llosa”.

“I am here for football. I am here for Chelsea. I want to play at Stamford Bridge, for me it is a dream. So, London is a wonderful city but I am here for Chelsea. My english is not very good since I started English more than 30 years ago and today I have lost everything”.

“I want to enjoy the fans, the fans will have to be proud about the team. I want to play my football and enjoy myself. And probably I want also to win some trophies. What can I Say? 100% hard work, 90% fun. It’s impossible in my job to promise something else but I surely will give all my possession to win something with Chelsea”.