Zola believes “big name” Terry would be good for Qatar

Zola believes “big name” Terry would be good for Qatar

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Chelsea Legend and current Al-Arabi boss Gianfranco Zola believes that John Terry would be a great addition to the Qatari League. The pair played alongside each other during the early part of Terry’s career and Zola now wants to be reunited with his old team mate. The Al-Arabi boss also said that not only are his team interested in the defender, but the “whole league” is too.

“When we talk about John Terry, we are talking about a big player, big name and I believe a player of this stature is not of interest only for a team, but also for the whole league,” Zola said.

“I believe the Qatari league is a league that wants to grow bigger so I believe there might be interest not only from Al-Arabi but there might be interest from all the Qatari league.”

“He’s been linked not only to Qatar, he’s been linked also to the MLS, to China. It’s more difficult for any league if there is a league like China which has invested so much money. It will be more competition for Qatar, for leagues in Europe.”