Zola on Hazard: “The team and Sarri will help him to reach...

Zola on Hazard: “The team and Sarri will help him to reach his full potential”

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Belgian star Eden Hazard has had an impressive start of the Premier League campaign with five goals and two assists.

However, Maurizio Sarri‘s assistant coach Gianfranco Zola believes Hazard could still improve his skills and his style of play.

He is a player who is getting better and better”, Zola explained. “I don’t think he has reached his full potential. He can still use his skills in a better way. I truly believe this. And this year, the team, and Maurizio in particular, will help him to reach his full potential. I don’t it want to look like we’re not happy, we’re very happy with him but as you play, you get more experiences, at a high level for a long time, you get better and learn how to use your abilities in a more efficient way”.

Zola also claimed Hazard will be very effective especially if he will play near the opponent’s box: “He will do it himself and we will try and suggest how to be more effective on the pitch, and he will benefit from the way we try to play”. Zola went on. “We try to play a long time in the opposition half. The closer we keep him to the goal, the more chances we can get him receiving the ball around the box and the more effective he will be”.