Chelsea’s new stadium project boosted by council decision

Chelsea’s new stadium project boosted by council decision

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Chelsea‘s £1billion redevelopment of Stamford Bridge has received further backing after Hammersmith and Fulham Council agreed to use statutory powers to overcome an injunction which threatened to derail the project.

The Crosthwaites family took out an injunction against the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge, claiming the new 60,000-seater stadium will severely reduce the amount of natural light on their property, where they have lived for 50 years.

But the council has agreed to acquire an interest in land – owned by Network Rail and Transport for London – in order to engage section 203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016, which would override the “right to light” principle.

No one spoke on behalf of the Crosthwaites or Chelsea on the issue and there were no additional comments before the remaining councillors declared their agreement to the compulsory purchase.

There may yet be further legal challenges.