Sarri: “I’m very happy but now we need to find this kind...

Sarri: “I’m very happy but now we need to find this kind of motivation”

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What a match for Blues today! Little Sarri gave lessons to the teacher and won against big Guardiola. Italian coach usually admitted, in the past, that he is inspired  by Pep’ play and when the two manager met in Champions League, when Sarri was in Napoli, Guardiola congratulated with Italian coach for his play, hard to fight and difficult to win.

But in that occasion, finally Pep won against Maurizio. Today Maurizio Sarri is a Chelsea manager and with a attentive and zealous preparation and way to manager the match, take is revenge and won against Pep but not only. Sarri won against Pep but Chelsea won against Manchester City, current Premier League’ Champions  who, now, set back just 7 point.

Sarri came to press conference of course satisfied for the game expressed by his guys and for the winning spoke about the match and about his choice that permitted the winning like, for example Hazard position.

‘We had Eden for the first time in that position – like a striker – and in the first 20 or 25 minutes we didn’t work well in the defensive movements in the opposition half, but fortunately we defended well in our half. We started to press better and after the first goal the game changed’.

‘We played very well in the last few minutes of the first half, and the first 20 minutes of the second, and in the end we deserved to win.

‘We’re very happy with the win, we know it’s not easy to beat City in this moment. For me it’s not easy to win against Pep, as you know, so I’m very happy but now we need to find this kind of motivation and play with this level of determination and aggressivity in other matches, otherwise its useless winning matches like this.’

‘We knew there would maybe be more space for counter attacks, but it wasn’t a total choice to defend in our half.’

He spoke also about Kante and David Luiz who, both played a good match

‘I think Kante scored by chance because they played very close to Jorginho, more than in the other matches. He defended very well and had some good counter attacks. Then he was in the box for the first goal, but today he played in the right position, very close to Jorginho. He played very well.’

‘I have to say I was very happy with him from the beginning. Of course there are matches like this one in which it’s easier to stay on the defensive line because the offensive movements are working very well, and there are matches when that’s difficult, like Tottenham, because the defensive phase of the team is a disaster. Today he played a really good match.’

He also spoke about Alvaro

‘The reason was clear; we played with Hazard as a striker and so if we had to change something there was Giroud. I think it was useless to have two strikers on the bench, I prefer more midfielders because today I was in trouble with wingers, so the only option was Loftus-Cheek.’

And to finish he also spoke about the gap with Manchester City 

‘I think it’s impossible to close the gap in one season. You can play one match but in a competition of 10 months it’s very difficult. I think they are the best team in Europe. We won today but we have to say we were a bit lucky in the first 25 because they could have scored.

‘I’m very happy with the win because it’s very diff to win against Guardiola’s team. I know they are a step ahead, we have to work to cover the gap. We will try and I’m very happy.’