Alexis Sanchez’s a doubt, Courtois: “I hope he doesn’t play!”

Alexis Sanchez’s a doubt, Courtois: “I hope he doesn’t play!”

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Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez is a doubt for Community Shield clash against Chelsea: the Chile international had a prolonged break after featuring the Confederations Cup in June, that was even longer for an illness.

The Gunners forward¬†is lacking in match fitness and could not be featuring in next Sunday’s derby.

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois as a lot of respect for the Chilean player and hopes he doesn’t have to stop him during the game:

“Alexis is a guy with a lot of quality.

“If you see all the games from last season there is a lot of danger coming from him. He has a very strong shot, he is quick. He has the technique.

“He is important for them but Arsenal have a lot of players with quality. So they will miss him but I think they have a lot of players with that quality to replace him.

“I think they have bought a good new striker [Alexandre Lacazette].

“I’d prefer if he [Sanchez] doesn’t play because he is a good player! But we cannot only look to him.

“For example in the FA Cup Final [Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 last May] they missed some defenders and everybody thought they would be bad but Per Mertesacker played a great game that day.

“So you cannot look to the team as one player or another player.¬†It will be a difficult game regardless but I hope for the same outcome as the friendly last week.”