Antonio Conte still uncertain about his Chelsea future

Antonio Conte still uncertain about his Chelsea future

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Antonio Conte promises to work hard to take Chelsea back to a top level after a very bad start of the season but the Italian coach is uncertain to continue his adventure at Stamford Bridge after his deal will expire in a couple of years:

For sure I have two years, this season and next season, to work with this club and then if we stay doing very well and we have the same ambition, we continue.

“I do not see any problem about the future. I have two years left [on my contract] but if we have the same ambition we can continue to work together. I think I stay in the right club at this point of my career.

“For sure I have the vision to work and have only this vision, and then I repeat, we have to continue to work, sometimes slowly slowly to try to improve and to build something important. We need time, honestly.”

Speaking about the season that just started, Conte added:

“I like to be positive and last season we started a new path, a difficult path.

“Despite that we won in my first season, which was incredible, but now we have started this path we want to continue this path together to improve, and to bring this club to have the solid foundation to stay for many times at the top and to try to fight to win the Champions League and the league, because a club like Chelsea must have this ambition.

“But I repeat we need time and we must have patience, and we must have patience to work. Now there are people working very hard to try to improve this situation and there are people working for the best for the club, and for this reason the fans must be happy.”

Conte was asked whether he has the chance to make progress in building a solid base without winning at the same time:

Sometimes you can win and you are preparing yourself to disrupt yourself, and sometimes you don’t win but you are preparing to be better yourself,’ he responded.

The Italian coach signed a new deal that was just a lucrative improvement, but not an extension:

“No person put a gun to my head and said you win or you go away. The only thing I can promise is to work, work, work and to try to do my best to improve the club, and then if we are able to win I am the first to be happy. But sometimes you can win but you are not building something positive for your future.”