Bamford claims he’ll be back to Chelsea after terrible loan spell

Bamford claims he’ll be back to Chelsea after terrible loan spell

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After a “terrible” loan to Crystal Palace Patrick Bamford hit out and announced he will come back to Chelsea in this January transfer window:

“It has been terrible,” he said after the 0-0 draw agaisnt Swansea.

“Obviously things haven’t worked out for whatever reason. I would have been more content if I had been given a chance and not taken it. I haven’t started a game in the Premier League, so for a young player like me that is not what you need.”

“I was frustrated because there weren’t many strikers scoring. Connor [Wickham] only scored his first goal last week. As a striker, it might be short-sighted of me, but scoring goals is a striker’s job.

So he decided to leave Crystal Palace:

“It was my decision. The coaches have just found out – I have told them I am going. I think the manager and the coaching staff already knew.

“But the physios and coaching staff I have just let them know and said bye now. I think I had to do it because I haven’t been playing and for my development, it is crucial that I play games.

On his future:

“I think I have got to be open to all options. Ideally I want to stay in the Premier League and I think there are a few options to stay, so now it is about assessing which is best and we will go from there.

“I just got a bit frustrated at not getting a chance. Obviously there are a lot of things I could say that frustrated me. I got on well with the gaffer [Alan Pardew] and I like him. It was just one of those that didn’t work out.

“Not really. There were a few reasons but I kind of saw through them.

“Apart from that, the team has been doing really well so I couldn’t really complained about getting involved sometimes

“As a striker, it might be short-sighted of me but obviously scoring goals is a striker’s job. If you are not playing and the other strikers are not scoring and you are not getting a chance,obviously I was pulling my hair out.”

Bamford said it was not a decision he took last minute:

“I have known for the last two or three weeks maybe that I was heading back so it was about getting as much game time before I did go back.”

Asked if it was a waste of time he replied:

“I wouldn’t say it has been a waste of time. That would be a bit harsh.

“But I have learned things from the gaffer – playing with people like Yohan [Cabaye] and the other players in the team you can always learn something.

Bamford just played 119 minutes in the Premier League so far, and never started:

“It was my first stint in the Premier League properly. It was a learning curve and we will see what happens next.”

Bamford had a terrific season last year at Middlesbrough:

“That is why I was frustrated. I felt like I had to carry it on. After having watched the games, I know I can fit in at this level.

“It is difficult when you are not playing and you come in for five minutes here or there, 20 minutes there, don’t play for a couple of weeks.

“You don’t really get a run and for a striker it is important to get a run of games. I think if you have seen me play at all the other levels, whenever I have played, I have never been out of the team for longer than a game. That has shown with the goals as well.

“I think after the New Year I go back with  and then take it from there. It is up to me to work hard then and see what happens.”