Blanc: “Careful against Chelsea, even with the advantage”

Blanc: “Careful against Chelsea, even with the advantage”

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PSG manager Laurent Blanc spoke in the press conference ahead of the game against Chelsea:

VERRATTI- “I am not sure about playing him in tomorrow match. I hope that he is fit but we have to wait”.

“Conte and Castellacci [the Italy national team doctor] really went to Paris to check physical condition of Verratti? Antonio just went to watch a game of us, but is a normal thing because Verratti is an important player of Italian national team, so nothing strange”.

CHELSEA PREVIOUS TIES – “The two previous games I don’t now if will have an influence on the clash of tomorrow. I think that we have to be careful with Cheslea even if we have a good advantage, but we need to impose our style of playing with the correct mental approach. Because we have gone through once we can do it a second time”

HAZARD – “They have a lot of players good in counterattack, good and quick in the last 30-40 yards. I think that we need to play on the high line because they cannot pick up pace. It’s difficult to do it for 90 minutes but it’s something we have to do to stop those dangerous players”.

PSG PROJECT – “As Zlatan said before our is a very young project, the club is making progresses as quick as possible. It’s not a long distance but we know it is closer”.