Cahill: “We hope to do our best tomorrow”

Cahill: “We hope to do our best tomorrow”

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Gary Cahill before Paris Saint Germain: ¨I think it’s a big week, a very important week, everyone knows our league situation in this season, so this can be a big achievement”.

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC – “I think Zlatan is first of all a top player, he can be very dangerous. Revenge? I don’t know, we’ve played them in the last two years, last time was a negative experience for him, but positive for PSG. So this tie is perfect he’s very vocal on the pitch, he’s a top player, he’s got a winning mentality”.

WILLIAN – “I think Willian has improved a month after months since he’s been with us, this season especially, he’s very good on the pitch and I’m sure the PSG defenders will keep a special eye on him, but tomorrow night is full of top players out there.”

TERRY – “We want all the best players fit, but unfortunately he cannot be fit for this game, of course we will try to win also for him”

THIAGO SILVA/ DIEGO COSTA – “I respect both players, they are bot top inter nation footballers, the duel would be interesting, everyone knows Diego, he always play with motivation.”

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – I think in football is very dangerous to loook too much ahead, we have to look game after game, we do realize is a big games, we want to enjoy it, we want to enjoy top players, big games, it’s a great tie. We know what we have to do, we play at home.”

HIDDINK – “Of course he’s got experience, he brought the right atmosphere and he knows how to handle the pressure, we know when the pressure is there, we have to relax and try to enjoy the game”.

“I think all feel the responsibility to gout an perform, we have the responsibility to play for a club like Chelsea, to go out and achieve the most we can achieve. We hope to do our best tomorrow night, for the fans and for Chelsea.”