Carragher: “Chelsea stronger with David Luiz: I like him”

Carragher: “Chelsea stronger with David Luiz: I like him”

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher share his opinion about David Luiz‘s return to Chelsea:

“There is something about Luiz’s character that I like,” the ex England international said as Sky Sports pundit.

“I wouldn’t call him a leader as such but he is the kind of player who will make something happen or contribute a big moment. He is erratic but he has quality.

Conte’s reign has started without a blemish and now he has added cover to the one area of his squad that was most needed, I can only see them getting stronger. I just didn’t think it would happen with David Luiz.

“For a start, they have brought him back to England for a fee significantly less than the £50million they got from his sale to Paris Saint-Germain. At the same time, though, you have to ask why PSG were prepared to take an £18m hit after just two years.”