Chelsea Parade: The Best Team in the Land

Chelsea Parade: The Best Team in the Land

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Chelsea players enjoying the parade © Francesca Ceciarini

During the victory parade through West London, members of the champion side shared their thoughts with Chelsea TV.

“We will have great future,” Branislav ‘2 goal’ Ivanovic stated, notifying that Chelsea will need to work hard in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Courtois was asked if he ever expected to have won two different league titles in a row: “no of course not… here with City, Arsenal, United and Liverpool its great,” while also mentioning the difficulty of winning La Liga with Atletico Madrid. When asked if he’s affected by the barrage of celery he answered: “not so much you know I have the reflexes.”

Conversely, long time Blue John Obi Mikel was struggling with the fans’ unique way of showing admiration. “They should be celebrating not trying to kill us,” he remarked, before speaking on the emerging youth players: “there’s lots of young players coming into the team and the manager is willing to give them chances.”

Captain John Terry also spoke on the younger members of the squad: “They’re still young… they’re still hungry and its down to them keep putting a smile on the Chelsea fans’ faces,” he commented. “They’ve been different class.”

Terry also commented on the departure of a number of team mates throughout his tenure, after what he personally believes to be his best season: “Year after year we’re seeing the greats go; I’m gonna be sad to go but one day it’ll come to and end.”

This happened right before legend Didier Drogba sang “we want you to stay, Petr Cech we want you to stay,” before leading the cheers with the classic ‘Blue is the colour.’

Drogba went on to discuss the significance of winning again with Chelsea: “this trophy is really special because for me to come back and win this trophy it means a lot”

Cech, expected to leave the club, also shared his thoughts: “[the fans] mean to me the same as part of my family… we are all blue so we are all the same… we fight together all year. Thanks to you all; this group of people [the Chelsea squad] deserve all of your support.”

After the old guard shared their views, Chelsea’s special one José Mourinho spoke briefly: “Thank you for everything, thank you for the support, book another place for the parade next season I hope we can give you that.”

Mourinho was then asked to sing, replying “I cant sing” to his champion side, before attempting to sing ‘Blue is the colour’ to the Chelsea fans, who would be likely to give him stick for not knowing the words if he didn’t do such a good job this season.

With the main part of the parade coming to a close, Chelsea fans look on their team, hoping that they can remain the ‘best team in the land’ for years to come.