Chelsea star Zouma explains reasons behind middle name ‘Happy’

Chelsea star Zouma explains reasons behind middle name ‘Happy’

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Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma has revealed the reason why he was given an unusual middle name ‘Happy’ by his parents.

He told The Mirror that his father was inspired by the movie Kickboxer: “Yeah, it’s true, it was my father. When my mother was pregnant, my father was watching a Van Damme movie. He was killing everybody and fighting everyone”.

“And my father said, ‘Yeah, this one we’re going to call him Kurt because he’s going to be strong and Happy because he’s going to laugh every time.’”

“Now when I see them I say, ‘Daddy, I respect you. Every time I laugh and I’m big and strong. Thank you, Dad.’”

Zouma added: “I am a happy character. Every time, I laugh. You see me laughing every time everywhere, for nothing. You say ‘ABC’, I’m gonna laugh. I fall on the floor. I don’t know why. That’s my character.”

About his injury, Zouma ended: “If you are mentally good, your recovery is going to be better and quicker. That’s my philosophy.

“If you give up and you’re sad every day you’re going to struggle. I keep laughing. I’m still young, enjoy the life. I’m a footballer, I have a great life. So let’s laugh.”