Chelsea striker Diego Costa praises Pedro, Hazard and Willian

Chelsea striker Diego Costa praises Pedro, Hazard and Willian

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Chelsea striker Diego Costa told the club’s official website that his current leadership of Premier League’s top scorer is due also to wingers Pedro, Hazard and Willian, who all secured him great performances.

When asked about Pedro he said: “Pedro is a very good player and he comes from an incredible school, he comes from Barcelona,’ he scores goals like the ones against Tottenham and Bournemouth all the time when we are training”. 

When asked about Hazard he added: “Eden is just incredible, he’s the sort of player who is able to win a match by himself. He’s extraordinary. There are very few people like him. He’s very confident in what he does and he is transmitting that confidence to us”. 

“The thing is Pedro, Willian, and Eden are all great players and they are in great form right now. That definitely helps me as a striker and I hope it will make us win many more matches” Diego Costa ended.

Meanwhile, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte said: “Diego is very focused on the game, his position and movement, and finishing. He’s playing very well, his attitude and behaviour has been great”.

“He’s showing his passion in the right way and I’m very happy for him. He deserves for the press to speak very well about him”.