REPORT – Chelsea v Everton 3-3: Terry saves the Blues at last...

REPORT – Chelsea v Everton 3-3: Terry saves the Blues at last second!

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Terry celebrating his last second equaliser with fans © Francesca Ceciarini

John Terry: the leader, the captain, the legend.

With his last second equaliser he shoos the ghosts out of Stamford Bridge and gives Chelsea a 3-3 that is not so important for the table or for the mere point gained: it’s an incredible morale boost.

With the first defeat of the Hiddink’s second era aftr the sloppy draw with WBA on Wednesday night Chelsea would have precipitated again in a dangerous spiral and this time would have been even more difficult to get out of it.

Of course Chelsea haven’t solved all their problems with this wheezy last second draw, but to avoid the defeat was something really important for the self-confidence of the group and dressing room’s morale.

The game was poor in the first half, with Chelsea having another sloppy approach again.

Only two chances per team, with Willian and Mirallas, and the sensation that Everton was more in control of the game.

Chelsea’s attitude in the first minute of the second half was even worse: the team was totally out of concentration and pace, and after five minutes John Terry puts the ball in his own goal, trying to anticipate his ex team-mate Romelu Lukaku, after a nice playing among Barry, Barkley and Baines.

0-1 and Chelsea that seem to disappear from the pitch, with Everton easily controlling the game.

Not even six minutes passed, and the Toffees stroke again: Lennon eludes Terry’s tackle and give the ball to Baines, whose cross is a little behind for Mirallas, the Belgian magnificently controls the ball, swivels and sends an exquisite half-volley past Courtois and in at the near post!

This was the crucial moment of the game, with Everton believing to have it in their hands, and Chelsea finally finding a nervous reaction.

The Blues start to play with more concentration and determination and at minute 64, eight minutes after Mirallas’ wonderful goal, they find the 2-1 with Diego Costa: a great pass from Fabregas from the midfield surprises Everton’s defense, Jakielka is indecisive and even slips, the players stops for a while waiting for the referee’s whistle, but there isn’t any foul and the Costa can easily score.

Chelsea have now a furious reaction, and after two minutes another combination between Fabregas and Diego Costa leads the Blues to equalise: the midfielder’s shot is clearly deflected by Jagielka, and Stamford Bridge’s roar is impressive.

The game is stopped for almost five minutes due to a serious injury for Oviedo: the Toffees’ player is carried off in a stretcher and Funes Mori takes his place.

In the same moment, Kenedy enters for Pedro.

Costa suffers an injury and limps off the pitch, substituted by Remy. Meanwhile Barkley is replaced by Pienaar in Everton.

Hiddink’s guys now try to take the lead, but their nervous reaction ends after fifteen minutes.

That’s when Everton strikes again: Lukaku goes close to score and in the playing after a splendid cross by Deloufeu ( entered some minutes before for Lennon) is reached by Funes Mori, that beats Courtois with a stunning header.

Only four minutes to go and it seems the end for Chelsea, with the ghosts hauting back at Stamford Bridge.

Referee Michaeld Jones gives seven minutes of injury time due to the five goals, the five substitutions and the time lost for Oviedo’s injury.

In this moment Chelsea understand that they got some chances to equalise the game: the minutes pass by and it seems a mission impossible,  but at the last second here he appears: the captain, John Terry.

His nice touch  after a confused playing between Ivanovic and Oscar in front of Howard is slightly offside, but it was difficult to see for the referee and his assistants in this pacey moment.

Terry goes crazy in the celebration and jump among the fans, to hug them, a dedication that can be read like: this is for you, we are not going to surrender.