Conte admits he hoped to see Ranieri winning the title last season

Conte admits he hoped to see Ranieri winning the title last season

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte could be the next Italian manager to follow in the footsteps of Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Mancini and Claudio Ranieri by winning a Premier League title as manager.

The Blues’ boss told Chelsea’s official website: “Every coach is different, I looked at the past and saw many Italian managers won the title in England which is great for us, and for our school, but the country from where you arrive is not important”.

“In England now there are top managers from different countries, and there are also really good English managers here”. 

Leicester City produced outstanding performances with a stunning season in the 2015/16 campaign, when Chelsea finished 10th on the league table. “Last season, I supported a lot Claudio Ranieri to win the title. – Conte admitted – In Italy, we celebrated this win in a great way. Claudio deserved it for his career. It’s right [for an Italian person] to have joy if an Italian manager can win the title in England, and also for example Carlo Ancelotti in Germany”.

“We have another coach that I know very well, Massimo Carrera, who is winning in Russia. Last season he worked with me as an assistant coach and now he is winning the title in Russia. It’s great. Every person must have joy for this result, and it’s logical to be proud of this”.