Conte: “Arsenal are favourite to win FA Cup”

Conte: “Arsenal are favourite to win FA Cup”

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Premier League is finished but Chelsea season isn’t: the Blues are running for the double, and they will try to emulate 2009/2010 success next Saturday, when they will face Arsenal in the FA Cup final.

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte‘s major concern is to not decrease the focus and the tension in the dressing room, so to have players with the right motivation at Wembley:

“This is the real danger for us, to think that this season is finished,” Conte said after lifting Premier League trophy today.

“To win the title this season becomes great. This season can become fantastic if we are able to win the FA Cup. We must find the right motivation. It’s important for us to celebrate, but then to find the right fire in our soul to be ready to work very hard this week to prepare and to feel in the right way this game,” he told reporters.

“This is a great opportunity to win and to do the double. If you ask me who is the favourite now, I can tell (you) it’s Arsenal. Arsenal now has only this possibility to find a good season after a win in the FA Cup. For this reason we must pay great attention. We must find in ourselves the right motivation, the right anger. The game will be very difficult.

 “After I don’t know how many years Arsenal missed the Champions League. We must have our antenna very high and prepare in the right way. I’m not talking about tactical game, I’m talking about motivation, right fire in ourselves, in our soul, in our heart. If we have this in the same proportion as Arsenal, or more, we have the possibility to do the double. Otherwise we risk a lot.”