Conte: “Chelsea have beaten a strong team”

Conte: “Chelsea have beaten a strong team”

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte spoke after his side’s away 1-0 win against Middlesbrough at the Riverside this evening.

“I’m pleased because we won a game in a different way if you compare it to our past five games, – the Italian manager told medias – We won only 1-0 against a strong team with good organisation. At the moment we had to suffer, we suffered, but we never lost our compactness. It’s very good”.

“We created chances to score the second goal, and it’s important to score the second goal and kill the game, because anything can happen until the end in this league, and above all today. When you are winning only 1-0 you have to pay attention until the end, because Middlesbrough could have got a draw, like against City”.

Then Conte added: “Middlesbrough played a good game with good organisation. They put their best on the pitch, but in this period it’s very difficult to play against Chelsea. This game gives us confidence and increases our trust in what we are doing,’ Conte continued”.

“Now it’s important to think about the next game against Tottenham, a tough game, a massive game. Middlesbrough is now the past for us.”