Conte: “I will discuss my future with the club in the end...

Conte: “I will discuss my future with the club in the end of the season”

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Conte celebrates at the end of the FA Cup semifinal against Spurs © Francesca Ceciarini

Antonio Conte revealed that Chelsea are not targeting only the FA Cup in this end of the season, but the team still have to reach Premier League wins record and have to help Thibaut Courtois to win the Golden Glove.

On Sunday Chelsea legend John Terry will play for the last time at Stamford Bridge as a Blues player. This is what Conte said about this:

“John Terry deserves the best and for this reason I think we will start what happens on Sunday, it’s important to make the best decision to find the best solution for his career, he’s been very important to win this title.

“John has the chance to continue his career, we all know that he prefers to play regularly, for this reason he decided to lave, I think he’s got the possibility to do this because he’s still strong and he showed it when I called him to play.

“When you arrive at this point in your career, you have to feel your body, your mind, your desire to play and John has got all of this. 

“It’s very difficult to find a lot players that were at one club their whole career, John was all his career at Chelsea, for sure Totti, Del Piero, Maldini played for just one club in their whole career, I wish him the best.

“When you are in this stage of your career it’s important to take the best decision, the decision must come from the players, not coach or clubs. John knows very well my thought about him.”

About his future, Conte said:

“First of all it’s important to repeat I have a 2 years contract to go, I’ve always told you is very important to finish this season, to be focused on our target, on Sunday we can win 30 games, an unbelievable record, and we have to help Thibaut to win the Golden Glove.

“Then manager and players we have the time to discuss with our club. Now it’s important to be focused on this target, they’re more important than a single person.
We have this chance to reach this target, and we will do that.”

About this title campaign, the Italian boss claimed:

“I think that every season is very difficult to win the title in England, don’t forget that winning the title this season for us was incredible, because nobody trusted us to win the title.

“It’s very important to have the situation very clear. Sometimes winning is not so easy, for sure it will be a difficult season but if we work in the right way, we will be ready to face this situation.

“First of all the player must have pleasure to stay in Chelsea, this is the most important thing, if they have this pleasure we work together.

About the tactical changes that transformed Chelsea this season, Conte said:

“I think to change our system was really important because we found the right suit for these players, we continue to work very hard, it seems a simple word, but when I say “hard work” it means hard work, we worked really hard every single day, I found the will to change what happened last season, I think this was the secret, this link. Every single manager can have a good idea of football, but if then players don’t go into the idea, it’s very difficult for every coach to go into the idea.”

Gary Cahill can be next Chelsea captain:

“I think that Gary is our vice-captain in this season and he put the armband every time John didn’t play, he’s got a good prospect to be next captain, but to speak about next season is very dangerous because we still got targets to reach.

This will be the celebration weekend, with guys like Marcos Alonso, Victor Moses and Michy Batshuayi that never celebrated a title before:

“It’s important to celebrate, because this is a great win. It’s important for me, the club, the fans to celebrate in the right way. to celebrate this league is very important, I can’t wait to do this with my players, with the fans, and we have not to forget also that Steve Holland is leaving after 8 years and he is an important man in this club. I have the pleasure to work with him in this season.

“It’s good for these guys that haven’t won titles before, it’s good because it wasn’t easy to win, half of my squad won in the past, the other half started to win. It’s very important for Marcos, for Moses, for Michy, for many guys that were with us in the squad to win the league.”